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Polyurethane Table Top

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Declare war on dust. However oil based polyurethane will create a yellow or amber hue especially to light colors.

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When finishing a kitchen table you want it to be beautiful but you also need it to be tough.

Polyurethane table top. A varnish finish isnt subtle alkyd varnishes tend to yellow and polyurethane varieties have a plastic like appearance so they arent ideal coatings for fine furniture. To add durability without affected color use a water based finish. Oil based polyurethane products are available as well but not as commonly sold on shelves.

Be sure to choose a clear protective finish that is right for your project. Both oil and water based polyurethane can be applied to latexacrylic paint. The diy guide to finishing a table top.

Pour the products into a glass jar and gently stir the mixture with a flat stir stick. Never shake a can of polyurethane. It settles on wet coatings and creates ugly pimples in the dried finish.

Youll introduce air bubbles into the mixture thatll end up as bumps on the finished surface. If you exclude professional finishes such as catalyzed lacquer or urethane polyurethane is probably the toughest finish you can find. To seal the wood before top coating thin your oil based polyurethane to one part mineral spirits and two parts polyurethane first gently stir the contents in the can.

Although both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to picking the best polyurethane for tabletop oil based polyurethane is the way to go. And it raised the humidity so polyurethane dries slower and remains workable longer. Learn all about polyurethane the long lasting finish ideal for everything from floors to furniture.

Regardless of the type you use if your project will see a lot of wear and tear few finishes are as appropriate as polyurethane for the protective top coats. They are resistant to many strong solvents and can soften lacquer and shellac though and are best for outdoor tabletops bar tops and utility surfaces. A project that will see heavy use such as a table top requires more protection than a project that will be subjected to less wear and tear.

We explain how to choose and apply polyurethane on our blog. You can sand them out but its better to minimize that labor by. Airborne dust is the wood finishers nemesis.

Standard polyurethane is applied with a brush but there are also wipe on formulas that are applied with a rag as well as a spray finishes in aerosol cans. Use this guide to learn more about how to choose and apply polyurethane the toughest of the clear coatings. Its a bit more forgiving application wise and when it dries it forms a hard impenetrable surface that will protect your tabletop from moisture and food stains.

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Polyurethane Table Top Ideas
Polyurethane Table Top Ideas
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