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Polyurethane Over Acrylic Lacquer

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Polyurethane will not bond or grip well with the lacquer and will peel off over time with general use. Lacquer and polyurethane are two of the most common finishes used for wooden furniture.

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Whats the difference between polyurethane varnish shellac and lacquer.

Polyurethane over acrylic lacquer. Acrylic water based and nitrocellulose. If you have to apply more than one coat you could end up spending much more time on your project if you opt for polyurethane. Stupid mistake polyurethane and lacquer.

Ive had no success in getting shellac to dissolve to any usable degree in sherwyn williams solvent for their cab acrylic lacquer or in generic lacquer thinners from home depot different suppliers at different times. Imho it would really boil down to whether it was a male or female formulation of the lac bug shells that the original shell lac was comprised of. Ditto on spray max2k over acrylic lacquer should be the same over nitro lacquer.

Instead use an alkyd varnish. Alkyd varnishes are a polyester resin that will adhere better and repair more easily. Ok to polyurethane over old lacquer.

It also can go over oil based finishes and can be applied using synthetic bristle brushes a foam roller or a rag as can other water based polyurethanes. Donc posted in finishing on june 24 2008 0415am is it ok to do this. The cab acrylic.

Ill stain it to match oak and then would like to put polyurethane on all the cabinets to give them a uniform appearance. However oil based polyurethane. Lacquer is a solvent based product that requires a ton of time to dry but it still dries faster than polyurethane.

Although they are both effective finishes it is important to know the difference between lacquer vs. Is actually porous but. Can you use polyurethane over lacquer on kitchen cabinets.

There are three types of lacquer. If the shell lac was formulated using shells that were at least 90 female bugs then the surface that you are now re coating with. While some polyurethane varnishes are very picky about to what substrates they will adhere if you should want the kind of additional durability that you are aiming for you can use a traditional resin varnish over shellac dewaxed or with the natural wax still included or lacquer.

To the best of my knowledge. Cab acrylic lacquers are mostly used over other lacquers. Both oil and water based polyurethane can be applied to latexacrylic paint.

Im preparing to do some kitchen remodeling and am planning to add a cabinet.

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