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Polycrylic Spray Can Vs Brush

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I had a few questions about using paste wax vs. How to use polycrylic.

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Polycrylic over chalk paint answered.

Polycrylic spray can vs brush. Can i scrub it. Ive also included a lot of information about other techniques and their pros and cons as well as some tips ive found for making the job e. Polyurethane is an oil based covering used for top coating stained and painted wood.

This example shows how to refinish a cedar chest but the technique is the same for any wooden furniture. Only reason ive used it very often is that im a novice and afraid of traditional methods but as projects have gotten larger the drive to do it right has increased. To wax or not to wax.

And happppppppy monday to you. Todays post is one ive been thinking about doing for quite a while now and its a comparison between the annie sloan chalk paint vs the rust oleum chalked paint. Woodworking finishing forum dust collection safety and plant operation.

On of the most common worries that i see from clients friends and readers is about the durability. How do i protect my painted furniture. I cant think of any polyshades project ive done that i didnt have issues with drips.

Water based polyacrylic sealers after my post yesterday so i thought i would explain why a little bithow to seal painted furniture and give you a chart with the pros and cons of both. So i decided to post an update with answers to your most frequently asked questions on applying a finish over chalk paint and wax. Polyurethane and lacquer are two of the common wood finishes used to add a smooth and glossy coat.

Not only that but its runny as well. Gwen it can get addicting to paint furniture. Im thinking ill want something that will help protect the paint on the top of the table since it gets hard use.

These are all very valid questions and today i am answering these burning questions. Will it show fingerprints or smudges. The response has been overwhelming to my post on using wax or polycrylic over chalk paint you can read the original post here.

There is a significant. The other closely linked finishes include shellac and varnish. Wax or polycrylic over chalk paint.

Im going to be researching clear coats next spring when i paint my dining area table. All your questions about using wax vs. As it is oil based clean up is generally considered a hassle as one must use solvents to clean brushes hands and anything else.

Polyurethane and lacquer are oftentimes used interchangeably mainly due to the confusion of their identities. Polycrylic is a brand name from the minwax company a company well known for polyurethanes.

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Polycrylic Spray Can
Polycrylic Spray Can
I would suggest that spraying is easier
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