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Polycrylic Over White Paint

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January 9 2019 at 855 pm. The trouble with white furniture.

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It is completely clear and does not have a yellow tint like oil based polyurethane.

Polycrylic over white paint. Forgive me if im beating a dead horse i couldnt find any topics in this category that deal with this. But i found that applying the polycrylic not too thick and slowly applying the polycrylic is the key. Wax or polycrylic over chalk paint.

Maybe you can sand off the yellowing and touch up the spots if you can with the paint. I found some dutch boy and some krylon spray polycrylic that my husband happened to have. I would prefer something easy to work with and with a quick.

But im hesitant using the polycrylic over the top because of my past experience. You can seal and protect your chalk paint three different ways. Polycrylic over chalk paint answered.

I usually use minwax polycrylic to finish my pieces however no matter how careful i am i get brush strokes or pooling unevenness. I wanted more of a satin finish so i sprayed with minwax polycrylic finish. Some people say shellac primer can prevent this but i havent tried that.

Polyurethane over chalk paint directly no waxing polycrylic over chalk paint best for indoor furniture and waxing is still an option or by just using wax not the best option if you are wanting to protect the furniture from staining or water damage. I finally picked up some polycrylic but it yellowed the heck out of my test board. Ive searched and cant figure out what coating will work best.

Does anyone have any experience with the spray kind. All your questions about using wax vs. Need a coating over white paint that wont amber yellow.

I recently painted an antique wooden high chair with flat latex paint. I hear polycrylic is better for white furniture since it doesnt yellow. I used the polycrylic and it yellowed had yellow streaks on a white chalk painted piece of furniture.

To wax or not to wax. I got white streaks in finish. 10 tips for painting furniture with latex paint.

April 18 2017 45 comments. I would have skipped the polycrylic and just used an enamel paint over a primer on the cabinets. The response has been overwhelming to my post on using wax or polycrylic over chalk paint you can read the original post here.

It took on an amber hue over the white paint i had to sand it down a little and paint another coat to fix it. How to protect painted furniture with a top coat poly. Sanded and gave it another coat of paint.

I repainted and waited 2 days for paint to dry. I then applied the polycrylic and this time it didnt yellow. What do you lovely people prefer.

I called minwax and they said the paste just soaks into matte flat chalk paint. So it is best used when you dont want a yellowish colored layer over your furniture and more so over light colored paint. All tutorials make it look so easy but i can never get it to be even.

Furniture makeovers popular projects. I have personally seen this product turn yellow and streaky over white paint. Polycrylic creates a durable finish and is great for surfaces that are very frequently used such as desks kids furniture and tables.

So i decided to post an update with answers to your most frequently asked questions on applying a finish over chalk paint and wax. That does not sound good in the least. I have never had any luck using wax over my chalk paint.

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