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Plywood Box Joinery

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Wood joinery is one of the most basic concepts in woodworkingif we didnt have the ability to join two pieces of wood together in a solid fashion all woodworking pieces would be sculptures carved out of a single piece of wood. Strong reliable and.

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How to make a box the box is the most elemental structurebut dont take that to mean that its simple.

Plywood box joinery. I found the 12 joint works best. Im most interested in how to deal with the joints. It wasnt in the best of shape and i wanted to use it for something.

The latest thing on my bench is a chair with a few loose legs and stretchers. However this just caught my eyemaybe this is the way to go. I make box joints all the time with 14 thick baltic birch plywood on the table saw.

However with the many varied types of wood joinery a woodworker has a number of different joints in his arsenal from which to choose based on the project. Some of my approaches in the past. What are some big no nos and what are some good practices to keep in mind the next time i find myself with some plywood and a need for a box think cabinet scale rather than something that would sit on a shelf.

Its labeled a finger joint but not what i would typically call a finger joint im new what do i know. How do i tighten the joints. Plywoods multiple layers or plies make it more economical and resistant to seasonal movement than solid wood especially for large panels.

1 box bottom 12 plywood 11 14 x 15 14 x 12 i completed the joinery for. But those plies also weaken butt joints in project construction. Im was intending to use rabbits for the joinery.

One stretcher even pulls right out of its socket. I could never get the multiple joints to fit and reduce the tear out. These three joinery methods maximize the strength of plywood joints.

Might help to put a piece of scrap wood behind the joint your cutting to not tear out your work piece or wrap masking tape around the joint. Im doing the ground work for building plywood boxes cabinetry and bookcases. I built this simple box with box joints.

I had a sheet of 34 plywood pulled up from a subfloor in an old house.

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Plywood Joinery
Plywood Joinery
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