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Plunge Base Router Vs Fixed

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Much like its name suggests the router has a fixed position at the bottom of the cutting bit preventing it from being able to move or plunge. In case you are wondering what the answer to that question is we suggest you stay here because we have gathered some general information about both of them and we will compare the results.

Performax 2 Hp Variable Speed Plunge Fixed Base Router Kit At

A Fixed Base Or A Plunge Base Router Which Should You Buy

Plunge Router Vs Fixed Base Router Do You Need Both The Saw

In addition some models are perfect for table mounting even offering bottom adjustment in some models which can work as a router lift.

Plunge base router vs fixed. Plunge base router is the best wood router type if you are planning to do some home improvement projects while fixed base router will be best for those who use a router table with it. Plunge and fixed base routers both have a place in the workshop and each one is best suited to specific routing tasks. However plunge base routers can be used for edge work just as well such as profiling edges with a round over bit.

Also referred to as a fixed base router a fixed router is designed to give you relatively the same cutting capabilities as a plunge router but with far less versatility. What is a fixed router. This is the short difference between plunge vs fixed router.

Fixed base routers are exactly that. In terms of maintenance and responsibility maintaining a fixed base router and plunge base router is fairly the same. Our top 5 plunge routers.

The router is locked at a fixed location in the base and the cutting bit cannot move or plunge from top to bottom. Fixed base router vs. Woodworkers journal editor rob johnstone and woodworking author michael dresdner offer a few words of advice.

That question is which router is better for woodworking the plunge router or the fixed base router. I recommended the plunge base router for home improvement projects because you will get more options in this. Fixed base routers are the standard and are found in most woodworkers shops in large part because they are inexpensive widely available capable and do not have the problem of being top heavy and difficult to learn as some plunge models tend to be.

A plunge base router is designed so that you can preset the cut depth and then lower plunge the bit into the cut with the routers base flat on the surface of the material. These days with the introduction of router combo kits you dont need to buy one of each but you still need to know what to use each one for. That said you should always check the user manual to see if your router requires special care.

Which one should you buy.

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