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Plunge Base Router Uses

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Woodworkers journal editor rob johnstone and woodworking author michael dresdner offer a few words of advice. Plunge routers go where no other router can.

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Routers can be divided into two categories.

Plunge base router uses. Similarly you can also use other bits to cut edge or rout the workpiece. Its unique base allows the motor housing to ride up and down on a pair of posts fixed to the base. Which one should you buy.

On a fixed base router once the bit is in and the base is locked the bit is in a fixed position meaning its depth is set and will stay set photo 1. A plunge router like a fixed base router can be used in a router table. Fixed base and plunge base.

Plunge base routers offer repeat application but fixed base routers guarantee that each dip is at equal depth. The user has to dive the cutting bit into the wood using force to start cutting. Fixed base routers typically offer hand grips on the side which provides more stability and control.

Choosing the best plunge router can be a difficult task when there are so many options available. Most people only use a few of them because they dont understand their full capabilities. Make multiple passes on deep cuts.

While plunged base routers are generally considered easier to use fixed base routers offer more control. That is the reason why it is called a plunge router. Attempting to make one deep pass on a dadoes or rabbit joint will bog down.

Finally release the pressure on the downward handles to finish your cut. This way you can use the plunge router to cut the wooden piece or any other material. The plunge router deserves a place in every shop.

Routing chores such as mortising stopped dados and inlay pattern work are safer and easier to perform using a plunge router. However plunge base routers can be used for edge work just as well such as profiling edges with a round over bit. It all depends on what gets your job done best.

10 ways to get the most from your plunge router to many woodworkers a plunge router is like one of those deluxe tv remote controls that has lots of buttons and functions. This is necessary when youre working on the top of a board as opposed to the edge for applications such as fluting dados and mortices grooves and rebates insets etc. When it comes to wood routers there is the option of a fixed base a tabletop a motor head wet tile cutter.

A plunge router has two arms one at each side and they allow the user to manually plunge into the wood and start cutting right into the material. Our pick from the list of top rated plunge routers is the festool 574692 hands down. A plunge base router is designed so that you can preset the cut depth and then lower plunge the bit into the cut with the routers base flat on the surface of the material.

This way the router will retract the part into the base. Read the instruction manual thoroughly with the router in hand. Welcome to the plight of the plunge router.

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