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Planetary Radius

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The density of a planet is the ratio of a planets mass to its volume. Surface gravity is given in earth gravities 1 9798 ms.

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Bulk parameters mass 10 24 kg 59723 volume 10 10 km 3 108321 equatorial radius km 6378137 polar radius km 6356752 volumetric mean radius km 6371000 core radius km 3485 ellipticity flattening 0.

Planetary radius. The planetary radius is the distance between a planets center and its surface. Planetary calculator help file. Index of planetary fact sheets more detailed fact sheets for each planet.

A planets orbital radius is its average distance from the sun. So the option to compare the planet to earth is possible. If this distance is divided by the expansion speed the age of the nebula since ejection is obtained.

Neptunes radius is almost four times the size of earths radius but it is only about a third of jupiters radius. Escape velocity is albedo is the percent of all of the suns energy hitting the planet that is reflected 100 would be perfect reflection. Planetary fact sheet in us.

Schoolyard solar system demonstration scale model of the solar system for the classroom. The planet has a radius of 24341 kilometers at the poles. Planetary fact table us.

The equatorial radius is the distance from the planetsstars center to its equator and is often used to compare it with planets. The radius of a planet is the distance from its center to its edge. This is one of the most important parameters in determining the potential for life to exist on a planet since it plays a major part in determining planetary temperature.

The radius is given in units of meters. Typically planetary nebulae are a few tenths of a light year in radius. Units planetary fact table earth ratio.

Notes on the fact sheets explanations of the values and headings in the fact sheet. Planetary radius radius simplified number of the radius jupiter equals 100px some planets might have a radius that would be hard to compare to jupiter. Neptunes equatorial radius of 24764 kilometers makes it the smallest of the four outer planets.

Emily lakdawalla and loren a. If this distance is divided by the expansion speed the age of the nebula since ejection is obtained. The units of density are kilograms per meters cubed.

Planetary fact sheet values compared to earth. Orbital radius and planetary radius. Temperature and surface gravity for jupiter saturn.

Radius of the planets.

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