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Pipe Clamp Rack Design

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Im having a hard time finding a good design for mounting my clamps on the wall. Now i have all my long clamps in one easily accessible clamp rack.

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I am interested in your design for your clamp racks.

Pipe clamp rack design. Each pipe clamp rack hole is the same size and evenly spaced. Bike water bottle cages. To make the rack cut 2 in.

Maybe you could post an upclose pic. Locking c clamp support 4. General purpose storage rack accessories.

Past the diameters center line. Pvc and for 34 in diameter pipe use1 in. The heavy weight champ of pipe clamp racks sturdy steel rods wont bend or break.

Youll want to build your rack to match your clamp collection and workshop. You can store 24 parallel clamps and 14 bar clamps in just under 39 of wall space with this design. This viewer question comes from peter who writes.

Heres how i did it. My clamp wall is almost complete. This was necessary in order to hang it from two studs but also used otherwise wasted space on the wall to make a shelf for storage more quick grab items.

Bar pipe clamps. If you want to enhance the look of the project and to protect the components from decay we recommend you to apply paint or stain. This woodworking project was about clamp rack plans.

I made this instructable to show people how i organized my clamps. By building this pipe clamp rack it takes no time at all you can store dozens of clamps in a small space pipe clamp storage if you cut a section of 1. My clamp racks are about as simple as they come.

Remember that you can adjust the design of the clamp rack to suit your needs. I made the clamp rack longer than i needed and shifted the clamps to one side. Solve your clamp storage problems once and for all with one or more of our five custom holders.

I used to store my jet and bessey parallel clamps on the floor. Bike components parts. These clever wall hung helpers not only keep all your clamps at arms reach they also look great doing it.

For 12 in diameter iron pipe use 34 in. My pipe rack is 41 wide x 7 12 high and 4 deep. Pvc pipe grips clamps tightly.

Heres a second rack made with the same design to house my smaller clamps. I built this space saving parallel clamp rack to wrangle the clamps in my shop. Heres a slick snap in snap out storage rack made from pvc pipe.

Mine holds 18 clamps. It is basically an l shaped rack and vertical mounting brace. Use 120 200 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Its intended for people who want to see other examples of clamp racks before starting to build their own. Pipe of the clamp will snap securely into it. Pipe lengthwise a little off center the.

Bike car rack accessories. For my jet. Lengths of pvc and with a hacksaw or band saw slice them lengthwise about 316 in.

If you want to see more. The pipe rack can be as long as you need it and to accommodate as many clamps as you need.

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Pipe Clamp Rack
Pipe Clamp Rack
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