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Paul Sellers Sharpening Plane

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Paul sellers company ltd is a company registered in england and wales with the company number 10347569. View episode plough plane.

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Pauls technique for cutting a tenoned mitre uses the router to guarantee accuracy and gives nice crisp joint lines.

Paul sellers sharpening plane. I am using my old 4 but the technique is the same for any and all bench planes used for levelling and smoothing regardless of plane length or width. The companys registered address is accsol house high street johnstown wrexham ll14. By paul sellers 8 february 2012.

Paul addresses the myths and misinformation put forward and challenges what we think about sharpening. So much for dont do it that way. 250 grit works just fine for most of our woodwork.

Before you use your router plane it is important to check that the leading edge of the cutting iron the fore edge is parallel with the actual sole of the plane as it may need to be corrected flattened and polished before use paul sometimes refers to this process as initialising. As prof sellers has said at one point and im paraphrasing that freehand is fine for wide plane blades like the stanley 4 and 5 and so on and even beneficial due to the natural camber. Paul sellers company ltd.

I thought you. In this video paul sellers shows that you dont need to sharpen to 15000 grit on you planes chisels and other woodworking tools. His irons are razor sharp.

This isnt as wide as the other stones so it can be a bit tricky to sharpen plane blades particularly wider ones. The figure 3 sharpening method is exactly what paul sellers does check out his plane iron sharpening vid on youtube. Sharpening 4 and 4 12 bench planes.

The first stage with fettling any bench plane is sharpness and so here i am showing how to sharpen the bench plane. 50 years of practice and anyone can do it. Sharpening setup use.

Paul i know you are showing the sharpening for consistency and beginners but is there a reason someone should not sharpen freehand. The find the bevel then lift up a bit is exactly what rob cosman preaches.

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Paul Sellers Sharpening
Paul Sellers Sharpening
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