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Paul Sellers Sharpening Guide

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Sharpening wits to know what you really need. According to wl goodmans plane makers from the 1700s this company produced edge tools between 1860 and 1960.

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The name on the saw was slack sellars co of sheffield england.

Paul sellers sharpening guide. Keep sharpening simple. A friend found an old saw and sent it to me because my name is sellers and one of my teaching associates is named slack. If you follow paul sellers method to the letter you still cannot achieve a bevel of exactly 250 or whatever number you chose but you can maintain an existing bevel or change it gradually.

More and more woodworkers now refer to the term paul coined as knifewall years ago. You really cant keep the knifetoolitem at a consistent angle doing it freehand. Raising or lowering the block of wood in the vise will change the sharpening angle.

Too optimistic but after that experience i also wanted to sharpen my plane iron free hand since i dont own a honing guide. But i decided to give free hand sharpening another try because squaring blades in that guide is really time consuming with a lot of success. Paul sellers company ltd is a company registered in england and wales with the company.

Paul sellers company ltd is a company registered in england and wales with the company number 10347569. 250 grit works just fine for most of our woodwork. You make sharpening look so easy and it made me want to learn how to so i have been sharpening free handed for a while and i am getting pretty good now.

You have to have some kind of guide. By paul sellers. By paul sellers 7 april 2015.

Paul set out to create a single word that not only referred to marking the wood surface but one that described severing the surface fibres and the creation of a physical knife cut wall. In this video paul sellers shows that you dont need to sharpen to 15000 grit on you planes chisels and other woodworking tools. Paul addresses the myths and misinformation put forward and challenges what we think about sharpening.

Paul sellers demonstrated this in another. I see people arguing. Do i need to be more careful with this compared to the chisels.

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Paul Sellers Sharpening
Paul Sellers Sharpening
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