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Osage Orange Fence Posts

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Maclura pomifera best single characteristics for identification. The bodark tree maclura pomifera is a common tree in arkansas known to live in at least forty seven of the states seventy five countiesthe name bodark is a slurring of the french bois darc meaning wood of the bowa reference to the osage indians practice of making bows from the tree.

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How To Make Osage Orange Fence Posts Homestead On The Range

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Two of three remaining sites here and the one below will say it is edible.

Osage orange fence posts. Other common namestrade names. Woods fields and thickets in rich bottom lands. Sometimes everybody is almost wrong.

Is a family owned and operated business. The osage connection survives in another common appellation osage orange. Local lumber fence posts applications where strength and rot resistance is important.

White oak and cedar sawn 4x4s. The fruit was once used to repel spiders by placing one under the bed. Various studies have found an extract of osage orange to repel several species of mosquitoes cockroaches crickets and ticks.

The osage orange tree very durable and once a favorite of american settlers deserves a look from modern day homesteaders. Im in the process of building a horse fence. A very informative site about the osage orange treeexamples of selfbows from the osage orange treeosage orange staves and billets for the bowyer 319 835 5892james easterbowyerthis is also an educational and historical site on osage orange.

Very dense and heavy wood. Our family has been involved in hedge post for 4 generations in woodson county kansas. Water soluable dye which turns water yellow.

Edible parts of osage orange. Sassafras honey locust and cherry round posts from 3 to 6. Habitat of the herb.

Approximately 49997 of those sites will tell you the osage orange is not edible. I have several different species of posts. If you google osage orange or maclura pomifera mak loor uh pom ee fer uh in 2009 youll get some 50000 hits.

The fruits secrete a sticky white latex when cut. Maclura pomifera commonly known as the osage orange hedge or hedge apple tree is a small deciduous tree or large shrub typically growing to 8 to 15 metres 3050 ft tallthe distinctive fruit from a multiple fruit family is roughly spherical bumpy 8 to 15 centimetres 36 in in diameter and turns bright yellow green in the fall. Dark color in latewood.

One report suggests that the fruit is edible but this is surely a mistake although very large the fruit is harsh hard dry and astringent.

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Osage Orange Fence Posts For Sale
Osage Orange Fence Posts For Sale
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