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Orange Tree Lumber

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Citrus tree wood is useful in a variety of ways. The washington navel.

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It fruits once a year which makes it a long lasting harvest.

Orange tree lumber. We cut down an old avocado tree and made some foot stools strong contrasts between the heart sap wood. As noted fruit trees grow and make interesting woods for turning and other projects. Though it appears at least on paper that maclura pomifera has a lower modulus of elasticity making it more flexiblewhich may be good or bad depending upon the intended application osage orange has been shown in studies to produce more btus when burned than any other domestic hardwood and is accordingly sometimes used as fuelwood.

Usually takes 4 10 business days to arrive 44 thru 84 random widths 4 wider x 6 to 12 lengths. With its temperate mediterranean climate many parts of the san francisco bay area are good growing locations for orange trees and other citrus. Osage orange is the hardest and longest lasting wood of any native tree in north america.

The fruits secrete a sticky white latex when cut. Value of lumber from diseased orange trees an interesting story of a sawmiller considering whether to make the effort to harvest trees from an orange grove. This is an occasional in house material please email or call to check in house stock.

If you have a chain saw band saw it is not difficult to work with these trees. The tree was about two ft in diameter and very straight. The bay area is.

Valencia used to be the leading orange in florida but is now the most important cultivar in texas california and south africa. The colors are the golden brown of mature bodark with a light green overall shading and linear areas of darker reddish brown related to spalting. This wood came from a very old bodark tree and those spalting related colors are substantially different than the non spalted yellow orange color typical of younger bodark.

Although you might need to protect your tree from winter frost oranges are generally hardy in us. When removing an unproductive diseased or improperly placed tree from the landscape do not throw the wood away. There are two types of orange trees grown most commonly in california washington navel and valencia.

Citrus trees grow well throughout frost free regions of the united states. Similarly black locust is extremely durable and naturally resistant to insect damage and rot. Tallgrass custom wood products is one of the few sawmills producing lumber from osage orange also called hedge and black locust trees.

Maclura pomifera commonly known as the osage orange hedge or hedge apple tree is a small deciduous tree or large shrub typically growing to 8 to 15 metres 3050 ft tallthe distinctive fruit from a multiple fruit family is roughly spherical bumpy 8 to 15 centimetres 36 in in diameter and turns bright yellow green in the fall. Department of agriculture climate zones 8 and higher.

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Osage Orange

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