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Mujingfang Planes

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Our thumb plane is made from first quality african ebony. My american planes stanley are cantankerous until sharpened and set with an exacting procedure that i can never get exactly correct.

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The build quality of the mujingfang is good but not as good as the gordon.

Mujingfang planes. Johlycao mujingfang indonesian mahogany plane woodworking hand tools wooden chamfering tool for woodworking edge trimming plane edge rounded corner. A hand plane is a specialized tool designed to hold a sharpened blade to accomplish a specific woodworking task. My english record planes are mere replicas of the american stanley or vice versa.

I have a few mujingfang planes as well as hnt gordon. They are what is often called hong kong style planes. My german ece planes are like driving a semi across a sheet of rice paper.

Greatneck c4 bench jack planes 9 inch plane 2 inch cutter. Our thumb plane is made from first quality african ebony. The blade is high carbon tool steel and ground sharp but should be honed for.

It is 1 long by 1 by 1 with a cutting width of 1116. The zone saws are small straight handled backsaws of small size and fine tpi made in the usa all going for around 10 12. Mujingfang wooden planes zone saws post 103723 the planes include an ebony bodied 18 inch try plane and a plough plane at 100 and 50 respectively.

37 out of 5 stars 71. Also the gordons use a 14 thick iron whereas the mujingfang use about 18. Previously the manufacture of these planes was a cottage industry with little or no quality control.

If youre going to work without a power router a plow plane is a real necessity when making frames doors and boxes drawers. Mujingfangs woodworking products have become not only carpenters and home renovators best helpers but also artwork collectors best treasures. For those unfamiliar with the plow plough plane its a plane primarily used for making grooves near the edge of a board along the grain.

Nevertheless the mujingfang planes are superb value for money. You may also like. Prior to the introduction of motorized power tools hand planes were needed to bridge the gap between rough lumber.

It is usually pushed or pulled along a surface to cut or smooth a piece of wood. Woodwell also established a professional high power tile cutters manufacturing line. Mujingfang plow plane as shipped.

It is 1 long by 1 by 1 with a cutting width of 1116. Approximately 20 years ago mujingfang decided to begin producing high quality chinese style planes. Under the internationally renowned brand mujingfang woodwell produces a full range of woodworking tools including hammers chisels axes saws rulers and planes.

Mujingfang gathered the best plane makers from around the country and brought them to their hong kong factory from where they supplied master craftsmen throughout south east asia.

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Mujingfang Planes Uk
Mujingfang Planes Uk
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