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Missing Ache Keyblade Khux

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Khux Dhe Explains Missing Ache Youtube

These Updates Have Been Crazy Union X Discussion Post Probably

Khux Keyblades

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Missing ache keyblade khux. This is a guide towards jp khux players. Hes not an obvious yandere at first hell stalk his darling for weeks just keeping an eye on them memorizing their daily schedule their favorite places to hang out who their friends are. Riku is definitely an obsessive stalker mix.

You dont have to read this but i just want to point out stuff that at saoryemanoelle and i thought would contribute to the theory that ventus is the traitor in khux. The opinions we put on this guide are based off our and other veteran jp khux players experience in jp khux. Guides translations and dailies for kingdom hearts union xcross on ios and android.

Vanitas couldnt have existed and he would still be able to. Not included are characters who have held a keyblade only for it to return to the hand of its true holder such as leon or jack sparrow as a keyblade will refuse to be wielded by anyone without a strong enough heart. 1 ventus can spawn the xblade all by himself if he used the darkness.

The following is a list of known keyblade wielders characters who have successfully wielded a keyblade in battle.

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Missing Ache Keyblade
Missing Ache Keyblade
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