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Methyl Hydrate Vs Denatured Alcohol Stove

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Known internationally as methanol meths or wood alcohol methyl hydrate is widely available at paint and hardware stores in canada. As relates to jewelry use that is.

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I have read that denatured is ethyl alcohol that has been made unfit for drinking by the addition of small amounts of toxic additives.

Methyl hydrate vs denatured alcohol stove. Which fuel is safer. It is interesting though that you are having trouble finding denatured alcohol meths which is ethanol poisoned with additives often a bit of methanol and which is ubiquitous in hardware and paint shops and is indeed the standard fuel for alcohol. About 250l at the release of this vlog vs about twice that for naptha or white gas offers high power density and burns cleanly with no soot.

This video has a comparison between two different soda can stove designs with build video of the improved version. The rubbing alcohols even the 99 versions will smoke when burnt blacken your pots pans. I use it for thinning shellac and unpressurized marine stove with good results.

Also called denatured ethanol or denatured grain alcohol. Denatured alcohol and methyl hydrate do the same thing. Ethanol burns hotter and longer than methanol and doesnt contain nearly as much water as methanol does making it a much better fuel.

Methyl hydrate which is methanol with a little water in it should work fine as a fuel. Boric acid and alcohol cleaning agent pitch solvent fuel for jewelers alcohol lamps etc what is the practical difference between methyl and denatured alcohol. Act as a solvent for the shellac resin.

Also the fuel is methyl hydrate or denatured alcohol. No it is not the same as methyl hydrate. Denatured alcohol is ethanol ethyl alcohol which has been rendered toxic or otherwise undrinkable and in some cases dyed.

It is mixed 10 methanol with 90 ethanol drinkable alcohol to make the ethanol into denatured alcohol so people wont buy it and drink it instead of the more heavily taxed alcohol called booze. What i would like to know is whether. Never ever use any other type of fuel such as gasoline or kerosene as it can be very dangerous explode.

In this video i compare methyl hydrate against 90 ethanol denatured alcohol. It is used for purposes such as fuel for spirit burners and camping stoves and as a solvent. This fuel alcohol is cheap.

Only use methyl hydratedenatured alcohol for an efficient clean burning stove. Which fuel performs better.

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Methyl Hydrate Vs Denatured Alcohol
Methyl Hydrate Vs Denatured Alcohol
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