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Meaning Of Operation

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Of relating to or based on operations see the full definition. The operation of alcohol on the mind.

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A usually small business or organization.

Meaning of operation. The power to act. The exertion of force power or influence. Operations transform resource or data inputs into desired goods services or results and create and deliver value to the customers.

An act or instance process or manner of functioning or operating. There are several reactors of the type in operation working at the moment. A process method or series of acts esp of a practical or mechanical nature.

An activity of a business or organization. Regular plural operations insurance. Restrictions on the operation of market forces.

For specific operations see the specific name such as blalock taussig operation. Before health insurance was common. The state of being in effect in action or operative esp in the phrases in or into operation 3.

The performance of a mental or physical task in an orderly manner. We expect the new system for assessing claims to come into operation start working early next year. Medical insurance an operation is the process of cutting open someones body in order to repair replace or remove a damaged part.

Definition of operation for english language learners. Jobs or tasks consisting of one or more elements or subtasks performed typically in one location. Since 1997 some 40 hospitals and 550 schools are under construction or in operation.

It is concerned with converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization. Of or relating to operation or to an operation. Operations management is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization.

Surgical expense insurance covers the surgeons charge for given operations or medical treatment. Operational definition is of or relating to operation or to an operation. How to use operational in a sentence.

A rule no longer in operation. Join mwu gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search featuresad free. Efficacy influence or force.

A process in which a doctor cuts into someones body in order to repair or remove a damaged or diseased part. See also method procedure surgery and technique. The state of being operative usually preceded by in or into.

The act process or manner of operating. The companys first hotel is now in operation. 1mass noun the action of functioning or the fact of being active or in effect.

Operation noun work c1 u the fact of operating or being active. Any action performed with instruments or by the hands of a surgeon. Two or more connected operations constitute a process and are generally divided into four basic categories.

The company has eight power plants in operation and seven under construction.

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