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Magnetic Contactor Definition

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Meaning of electro magnetic contactors medical term. What does electro magnetic contactors mean.

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Unlike general purpose relay contactors are designed to be directly connected to high current load devices.

Magnetic contactor definition. A contactor is typically controlled by a circuit which has a much lower power level than the switched circuit such as a 24 volt coil electromagnet controlling a 230 volt motor switch. A magnetic contactor is part of an electromagnetic operated switch that starts and stops a large load electric motor through a control circuit that connects contact devices to the magnetic motor starter coil. A couple things to keep in mind.

A device for repeatedly establishing and interrupting an electric power circuit under normal conditions. What is electro magnetic contactors. If what you term as a magnetic switch is an electrical contactor then the answer is yes.

Looking for online definition of electro magnetic contactors in the medical dictionary. I presume the 125 volts mentioned is the coil voltage of the contactor. Electro magnetic contactors explanation free.

They act as a go between for direct power sources and high load electrical motors in order to homogenize or balance out changes in electrical frequency which may come from a power supply as well as to act as a safeguard. The magnetic contactor is usually paired with an overload relay in a magnetic starter to flick the switch when. Magnetic contactors are a form of electrical relay found on most electrically powered motors.

A mechanically operated switch for continuously establishing and interrupting an electric power circuit. A type of switch for repeatedly opening and closing an electric circuit.

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