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Lichtenberg Machine Neon Transformer

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Especially interesting how the arc. Tuf hide heavy duty14 awg gto 15 wiggle wire 15000 volts 105cul listedblack construction consists of stranded uncoated copper insulated with sunlight resistant dielectric.

How To Make A Lichtenberg Wood Burner The Shed

Allanson Ss1235ich 35ma 12000v Neon Transformer Power Supply Power

Lichtenberg Figures

Fractal wood burning also known as creating lichtenberg figures is the art of burning lightning or tree like figures into wood using high voltage electricity.

Lichtenberg machine neon transformer. Neon sign transformer microwave transformer oil burner transformer lichtenberg wood burner lichtenberg wood burning machine lichtenberg wood lichtenberg wood burning lichtenberg device. Various enthusiasts recommend the use of neon sign transformers which are already wired and ready to use as a safer but still dangerous alternative. Fractal lichtenberg figure wood burning with electricity.

Find great deals on ebay for lichtenberg transformer. These machines are very dangerous and potentially deadly if you make a mistake when. 1600 wood plans how to make and wire the microwave transformer for lichtenberg figure burning wood with electricity.

Woodworking drawings get a lifetime of project ideas and inspiration. 2x 15kv 30ma transformers in parallel realized after the video it works better with just one as less current means less burning but still cool watching it. Transformer i used a 6kv neon sign transformer.

The neon transformer is the better way to go which is fortunate because it also produces better looking fractal patterns. The two most common power supplies used for burning lichtenberg figures into wood are neon sign transformers and microwave oven transformers. Make sure the transformer is unplugged before taking the piece of wood.

You should have your own wood with lichtenberg figures on it. A safer lichtenberg device 1 of 4 introduction this will be a 4 part video series on using an oil burner ignition transformer as a diy lichtenberg device. 20 gto wire high voltage lichtenberg transformer fractal burn cable neon sign 2300.

The higher the voltage the thicker the stream and the more branches produced extension cord wood i used an 8 inch by 35 inch piece of poplar. I published the viking chair project on the instructable. Click on see other items if you are looking for other lengths of cable.

The high voltage electricity is generated by a transformer usually a microwave oven transformer a neon sign transformer or an oil burner transformer. But the cobbled transformers from microwaves seem to be some of the most dangerous when attempting to create lichtenberg figures on wood. Skip to main content.

Make a lichtenberg wood burner using a neon sign transformer to burn lichtenberg figures on your woodturning pieces.

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Lichtenberg Machine
Lichtenberg Machine
Lichtenberg figures are formed when high voltage
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