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Lacquer Or Polyurethane For Guitar

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Nitro lacquer finishes come to us via the world of classical stringed instruments. Produces a beautiful traditional nitrocellulose lacquer finish without elaborate spray equipment.

What Attributes Make A Guitar Finish Play Sound And Look Right

Lacquer Or Polyurethane For Guitar Except For The Gloss That Is

Does Your Nitro Finish Matter Maybe Not Guitarworld

There are all the spraybrush polyurethane consumer grade finishes these will wrinkle with acetone and or other strong solvents.

Lacquer or polyurethane for guitar. A a photo 1. In addition to changing the appearance this refin will likely result in a better sounding instrument as well. For this project we will be removing an existing polyurethane finish and refinishing the guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer in aerosol cans for convenience.

Updated september 15 2017. Once again because it says polyurethane does not mean its an expoy type canalized finish. In part 1 of my 2 part series i show you how to prep sand and seal the wood for applying this super simple finish.

For instance there are polyurethane floor finishes one part air dry and yes they do reflow to a point at least. Yes you can use wipe on polyurethane on a guitar. The easiest way to spray a professional finish.

The barrier between your guitar and hazard. If you believe the type of thin finish on a thick guitar makes a. Polyurethane lacquer on guitars has not just been about environmental concerns but more about the durability of the lacquer.

There the low mass thinness and hardness of a nitro finish matches well with the light thin stiff spruce tops of violins and cellos. Most guitar companies use polyurethane. Colortone clear aerosol guitar lacquer is formulated especially for musical instruments.

How to use polyurethane for guitars by robert russell. Does your nitro finish matter. In the guitar world there are two major categories of chemistries used to finish electric and acoustic guitars.

How to refinish your axe. The two types of finishes traditionally used on guitars are nitro cellulose lacquer and polyurethane. This characteristic can be considered less pretty than the wear of a.

One is the traditional nitro nitrocellulose finish and one is the modern poly or polyurethane finish. Fender used nitro until the late 1960s and martin and gibson still use nitro finishes on their guitars. Fast drying and resistant to alcohol and water it produces a.

Polyurethane is so hard it will just chip off in stead of shaving off under heavy wear.

Lacquer Or Polyurethane For Guitar Alt Text Lacquer Polyurethane

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Lacquer Or Polyurethane
Lacquer Or Polyurethane
When using polyurethane finish there are some.
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