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Knew Concepts Saw Problems

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Hi all and i hope that lee is wandering around here somewhere. Ive purchased two of the knew concepts saws during the last year and watched as its maker lee marshall has refined the tool so it is tuned for woodworking.

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I am unable to tighten the tension enough to get my saw blade tight enough to saw.

Knew concepts saw problems. Knew concepts fretsaws which have recently made the evolutionary leap from the world of jewelers to that of woodworkers. Frame another development happened in 2012 too. I cannot get 4 aught blades to ping the right pitch without breaking them as soon as i pull the cam lever over.

I have tried everything i can think of ie. Knew concepts began to make titanium truss framed fret saws. Knew concepts is dedicated to helping you pursue your work and your passion for well made tools that bring pleasure to the task.

The downside of a coping saw is that the blades are still thick and heavy and they saw a wider arc than the fine blades of a fretsaw. Its like a generic mandolin compared to a fine custom one both can make music but one makes making music a joy. I am having a big problem with the redesigned 5 knew concept saw.

Its a daring thing to try and reinvent a time worn tradition like saw design but knew concepts pulls it off with their 65. The tension adjustment works in unison with the lever cam to quickly reset the blade back to its pre set tension. And as far as im concerned hes now making the best.

Reversing the screw in the top taking it apart and putting it back together again. So you dont have the problem that traditional saws do of our frames getting looser and floppier the deeper they get. Hi i purchased the 5 knew concepts saw with the cam release and the swivel.

The saws ive used in the past are the standard stew mac type they are ok but recently on the ukulele underground forum this saw from knew concepts was suggested. Our products may feel luxurious to use but they are never extravagant as they are designed and made with you and your needs foremost and are made to last a lifetime. I am having a terrible time getting it to work properly.

Engineered with modern materials and structural principles this coping saw is extremely light in the hand yet tough under pressure. Knew concepts saw problem link david barnett as much as i admire lee marshalls knew concepts jewelers saws i felt i should post this link to a thread where jewelers and metalsmiths are trying with lees and brian meeks help and support of course to find solutions to the redesigned blade tensioning mechanism the retrofit kits the so. Mkiv frame pulls just as hard as the 3 in.

For example as in this breadboard end. Furniture makers and trim carpenters cant cope without it. Sawing out waste needs to be done in two separate movements not one continuous saw cut.

This very high quality jewelers say produced by knew concepts features a laser cut sturdy aluminum frame wood handle and a most impressive lever cam release to allow you to quickly open the saw.

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Knew Concepts Saw
Knew Concepts Saw
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