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Kirby Master Crown

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After all kirby is a child the first form kirby transforms into is master crowned kirby he gains yellow horns wings similar to those of meta knights a red eye above his normal eyes and claws on his shoes and arms. After defeating landia it turns out that malogor was using kirby and his friends the whole time to obtain the master crown from landia in order to gain ultimate power.

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I inspired this mostly from actual spiders.

Kirby master crown. Magolor master crown kirby series my edit uncomfortable kirby food anon ask i have several questions as to why you thought of this but lets face it this is one of the more normal edits on here. The master crown is a seemingly malevolent item in the kirby series appearing in kirbys return to dream land. The master crown was first seen when kirby magolor and co.

Kirby the master crown is possessed by dark mattermassive spoilers selffantheories submitted 5 years ago by catsinbox. Spiders can often have dozens of eyes so i added extra eyes to his face and scarf. Entered halcandra via the lor starcutter resting atop landias head and remaining dormant until the battle against landia.

Magolor takes the master crown from kirby and friends planning to use its limitless power to seize control of the entire universe. Its gem is now a star referencing kirbys accosiation with stars and such. The crown is implied to be sentient in the pause screen descriptions of magolor and parallel landia even if its technically not the same crown.

Ah yes another magolor and the master crown. The first piece of evidence is the fact that the battle theme for magolor is a heavy remix of dark matter dreamland 3 and 02 64. The master crown is the object kirby unknowingly helped magolor obtain by repairing the lor starcutter in kirbys return to dream landmagolor used this to transform into magolor soul and attempted to use its power to take over the entire universe starting with pop starthis crown was being guarded by landia before it was stolen.

In kirbys return to dream land he makes a brief appearance in the crowd of the final kirby master 100 video and if kirby uses the stone ability in kirbys return to dream land he will occasionally turn into a stone statue of marx in his original form bouncing on his striped ball. The master crown itself also changed shape. I tried to design how i think taranza would look after getting the master crown in kirbys adventure wii instead of magolor.

Also the legs on the crown changed to ones that look like legs on ants or insects. Kirby star allies seems to imply that void termina is closely related to the crown as it is able to summon multiple master crowns and the the eye in magolor souls mouth as well as the eye pattern. But when kirby hits him with the ultra sword the crown goes wild and takes control of magolor instead.

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