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Kiln Dried Vs Air Dried Firewood

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Our firewood is delivered in large bags that are easy to store. A nice piece of air dried cherry or walnut is a revelation to stroke with a hand plane or spokeshave.

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But if its not buggy theres no reason to be scared off by air dried wood.

Kiln dried vs air dried firewood. Kiln dried wood has most often lost as much as 20 of its color. It is kind of like all natural in the food industry. In fact i prefer the look of air dried walnut over its kiln dried version.

We at petersfield logs have always maintained that the traditional method of air drying logs is by far the best. We have dry clean firewood guaranteed. Magazine recently about air dried vs.

Our kiln dried firewood will save you time and aggravation. Logs are both kiln dried and air dried for the same reason which is to provide a timber which is ready to burn both safely and efficiently. These two methods are known as air dried and kiln dried.

If allowed to dry out too quickly case hardening honeycombing etc will ruin the wood. There are dangers in air drying wood as well. Kiln dry and the myth that kiln dry was better.

But is one better than the other. Theres some considerations w air dried was it stacked right is it dry enough no bugs etc. Compare our kiln dried firewood vs.

Traditional air dried vs kiln dried logs. You can run wood through a kiln for 5 minutes and call it kiln dried. There are two different methods to properly dry wood.

Kiln dried logs and seasoned logs are both a good choice if youre buying logs for your open fire or wood burner. Kiln drying can be thought of as controlled air drying. Doesnt happen with air dried lumber.

Air drying lumber is the classic method to drying wood and has been around for ages. Properly done air drying yields perfectly acceptable lumber. However kiln dried is not a legal term.

In this blog we cover the pros and cons of kiln dried logs vs seasoned firewood. Kiln dried wood is brittler and much more prone to chipping out when worked with hand tools or powered knife tools. Choosing the proper wood drying method will truly change the overall look and longevity of your deck.

The most prevalent reason for kiln drying is to kill invasive species and that allows firewood to be transported to and from areas with restrictions.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Drying Wood At Home The Wood Database

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