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Jack Plane Sharpening Angle

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Assume a 30 degree sharpening angle for both. 62 low angle jack plane.

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In this video i will show how i sharpen a bevel up smother plane iron blade.

Jack plane sharpening angle. By contrast to accomplish a low angle of cut using a standard angle plane youd have to sharpen the bevel at a very shallow 17 degrees 20o17o37o. For the bu plane the lower part of the blade is at a 12 degree angle from the wood surface and the upper part is at 42 degrees bed sharpening angle. Most of the time you should be using a primary bevel angle of around 25 degrees a first microbevel angle around 29 degrees.

Use the extension calculator to build a suitable jig and suitable slips to get the appropriate microbevel angles. Getting down to business. Given its 12o bed angle you would end up with an angle of cut of 45 degrees 12o33o45o the same as on a standard angle plane.

Great for raising panels making long rabbets working into corners and large scale joinery. If you are freehand sharpening and you are anywhere between 30 40 degrees the planes cutting edge will of course last longer and the plane will cut with exactly the same pressure because the angle of presentation to the wood is identical regardless of bevel angle. This plane is a lie nielsen original.

Myth and mystery surrounding plane and chisel bevels. Most block and bench plane blades are ground to 250 but some smart folks argue that there need only be clearance under the heel of the bevel. Bbasic plane blade sharpeningasic plane blade sharpening we get a lot of questions about sharpening.

Sharpening and the low angle jack selfwoodworking submitted 4 years ago by dbetly96 3 walnut for christmas i got a veritas low angle jack plane with the pm v11 steel at a 25 degree angle. Our optional hot dog attaches to the side of the plane and makes shooting more comfortable. In other words since the average bench plane blade is bedded at 450 any bevel angle 100 or so less than that will provide the needed clearance.

The process includes a new primary bevel secondary bevel shaping the curve for a smoother plane and setting the. 250 for end grain work 330 for smoothing 380 for tackling wavy grain with less tear out a toothed blade for aggressive removal of material with less effort and a 900 scraper blade. It is a combination of our bench rabbet plane but without the tilting knob and handle and our low angle jack plane giving you a full width cutting blade in a convenient low angle format.

Weve taught many beginners to get a razor edge in minutes using a simple method that gives reliable results. Angles for bench planes. On the one hand the edge of the blade as it is seen from the wood is pretty much the same in both cases.

Woodworkers have strong often con icting opinions about the right way to sharpen.

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