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How To Wet Sand Polyurethane

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If they are still showing wet sand it again with 400 grit going with the grain and put the seventh coat on. After the roll on coats are dry i use minwax wipe on poly use the same sheen you chose for the roll on poly for the face frames legs doors or any other narrow small or intricate areas.

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Thats still way too heavy for a finish.

How to wet sand polyurethane. Again use the same methods as before but keep in mind that if you wet sand at this stage youll need to polish the surface. Most of us when we build a table will fill a knot hole. Apply a finish of your choice and let it dry overnight.

Dribble wipe on poly on the rag and wet the entire area. With any luck youll have a smooth bump free polyurethane finish after it dries and youll be done. If luck has passed you by you may need to repair some runs or sand away bubbles or dust.

You could mask around the knot and fill it with walnut wood putty thin layers at a time until you fill the hole and sand it flat with the table top. To achieve the finish you want select the correct gloss. No way will you get a shine polishing after just 1000 grit.

When using open grained woods such as oak ash mahogany or walnut. What about the knot hole. Wipe the surface with a moist cloth then dry the surface with a dust free cloth.

Sand between coats with extra fine sanding pads. When the blemishes are gone stop sanding. How long do you let polyurethane cure before wet sanding.

I wet sand and polish all my finishes not matter what it is. Apply a final coat of polyurethane within 48 hours of the previous coat. I finish wet sanding with 2000 2500 then polish with a polishing wheel and fine compound.

Allow your stain to cure overnight before applying the first coat of. To create a quality high gloss lacquer style finish. If any blemishes or bumps are still seen use the same sanding process to remove them.

Video of the day. For most of us finishing means applying varnish polyurethane or paint with a brush. Borrowing from the bodyshop.

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