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How To Use A Shoulder Plane

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Learn how to clean up your tenons with a shoulder plane. Angie kopacek shows some uses for this wonderful tool plus the proper way to care for the tool so it continues to perform well.

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This is because unlike the other basic planes described by mr kelley the reference point for this plane is pegged to a moving part of the body the right shoulder.

How to use a shoulder plane. With their low angle bevel up blades shoulder planes were originally created to trim the narrow shoulders on tenoned workpieces. Much easier to use a knifewall cross cut with a tenon saw and trim with a 1 chisel perfect. In general this type of planing requires great manual dexterity and of course it can be done on smaller work but i would say tenons wider than 2 12 can be worked with a shoulder plane with good.

Get more from your shoulder plane woodworking newsletter vol. The shoulder plane and its more robust cousin the coachmakers plane differ from a bench plane in one significant way the cutting edge of the blade is as wide as the sole of the plane. Using a shoulder plane.

For more on our shoulder planes click here. Lets look at how the shoulder plane can be used and why i no longer find it necessary. Subscribe to the wood.

I really hope some of you will speak up in the comments about how you use the shoulder plane so i can see if i am missing something. A shoulder planes blade is as wide as the sole of the plane making it perfect for removing material in the corner of a rabbet. Then to prevent the grain from chipping out on the edge of the work piece i trim across the shoulder from the outside edge toward the center.

A shoulder plane is a versatile tool that allows you to tweak joinery to produce precise fits that will raise the quality of your woodwork. To trim the tenon shoulder lay the body of the plane against the cheek side of the tenon see fig. 9 issue 4 march 2015 the shoulder plane we use the shoulder plane upright like a bench plane starting by putting pressure on the toe then even pressure on the body and finally full force on the heel as the plane leaves the stock.

This is the task that the shoulder plane was designed for. And of course the cutter should be sharp. The turning shoulder plane is unique because it changes in steepness throughout the swing.

When creating mortise and tenon joinery on a project a shoulder plane can help you get that perfect final fit. Read on to learn about the different types of shoulder planes available what to look for when choosing one and how to use them. Despite the name however lots of woodworkers often use larger shoulder planes to trim tenon cheeks leaving shoulder work to their chisels as covered in an article.

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