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How To Splice Wood Together

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To get a strong splice on wooden beams you must use a scarf joint. The truss companies use a gang nail to splice wood together pictured at left.

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A scarf joint exposes a large amount of the beams wood to wood glue surface area.

How to splice wood together. It is an alternative to other joints such as the butt joint and the scarf joint. The splice joint is used when the material being joined is not available in the length required. Understanding wood grain.

When they are the right length run a thin bead of wood glue along one of the bevels. On the other piece glue the end grain and holes force the pieces together and clamp until dry. Only sand to the end of the lengths of wood that are next to new wood.

3 cut the diagonal splice with a band saw and make sure the cut is square to the top edge. Use just a couple of drops of glue. 2 on the ends of the pieces draw a diagonal line thats about six times as long as the pieces are thick.

If the new sister bears on wood at least 15 on each end then youre good to go. On one piece spread glue within the holes insert the dowels and clamp it to a flat surface. How to cut a scarf joint and connect two pieces of wood.

Mate them up and drive 2 nails so that the two baseboards are joined. The image here shows the two boards slightly separated for effect so that you can see the difference between them. Splice joints are stronger than unenforced butt joints and have the potential to be stronger than a scarf joint.

A gang nail is basically a thin piece of metal stamped out so that many metal tangs stick out into the wood about a 12 or so. 1 start by tack gluing the two pieces to be spliced together with ca and kicker. Splice wood beams to any length using a scarf joint.

Position a doweling jig over the marks and drill holes 116 deeper than half the dowel length. I am considering splicing 2 2x12s together in order to get a longer rafter but also get the bending strength of a double rafter. In addition a scarf joint blends in nicely and is un noticeable once its sanded and finished.

This sanding is best done by hand as it. 24 is the typical stocked splicing 2x12s to get longer member wood design and engineering eng tips. Lightly sand the finish from the lengths of wood in the area adjacent to the splice.

Lou shows us his method for scarfing the end of two wooden planks and then gluing them together with epoxy.

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