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How To Solder Steel Rod

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Apply a coating of flux to the steel where you are going to solder on the copper. Hold the parts together with wire or clamps.

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Use a soft flame heat gun or soldering iron to heat the parent metal adjacent to the repair area or on the opposite side of the joint.

How to solder steel rod. First clean the surface with emery cloth and or brushing with undiluted hydrochloric acid. Then wet area with zinc chloride flux you can make your own by dissolving some zinc metal into hydrochloric acid until it stops effervescing. However in this process the steel does not melt.

How to braze stainless steel to copper. Brazing copper will provide a stronger bond because of the high of silver in the brazing rod. When soldering steel the lower boiling point metal is heated causing it to melt.

A direct flame on the repair area is likely to overheat the solder and flux. Try to make the metals shine. Then it hardens quickly which secures it to the steel.

But will also cost more and requires the use of an acetylene or mapp gas torch to melt the brazing rod. When you get it all right the steel will melt the solder and the solder will flow over the steel wetting the surface. You can purchase brazing rods with varying of silver content and either flux coated or un coated rod.

This means that soldering does not bond steel together as well as welding does. Soldering steel is easy using flux and a hot soldering iron. Feed solder into the joint from one end until it starts to blob out the other end or sag through the binding and form a big saggy drop on the lower side.

Tin the copper by heating it and applying a thin coat of solder to the area that you want to solder to the steel. Use the solder wire or rod to move the flux into position if needed. Only the softer metal does.

Silver solder adheres best to clean bare metal.

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How To Solder Steel
How To Solder Steel
Use a soft flame heat gun or
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