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How To Smooth Glass Edges

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If glass is something you want to make more than an occasional hobby i definitely suggest purchasing a small tabletop grinder. Wet belt table top grinder diamond hand laps and the dremel.

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How to cut smooth glass edges step 1.

How to smooth glass edges. Polish glass bottle edges after cutting. Work in toward the center and out toward the outside edge to get a rounded edge. Lubricate the cutting wheel by putting oil into the reservoir on the glass cutter.

I am an artist and glass happens to be one of my favorite mediums. How to smooth glass edges sanding with a drill get a sanding bit for your dremel tool or your drill. We experimented with using a dremel or drill but this was a bit more messy.

Dirt or grit causes problems when scoring. Finish off with a sheet of. Press the button to start the power tool.

Hold onto your glass object with one hand. Clean the glass thoroughly. I will also show you how to polish the cutthis bottle has 3 cuts.

Put on the safety glasses and gloves. Now that you have cut your bottle its important to sand off the sharp edges. I have used a number of different grinding methods to smooth edges for glass.

I found that the best way to smooth the sharp glass edges was to use a coarse 40 grit sandpaper on a flat surface then finer grades until the edge was as smooth as i liked. If you want to do multiple cuts i recommend doing a cut sand and polish it then do the next cut. Draw the wheel along the glass from.

Its time intensive but not too bad with practice.

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