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How To Sharpen An Auger Bit

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On the other end of the file the narrow edge has teeth and the broad faces have none. To reduce the risk of serious injury andor damage to your festool product always read understand and follow all warnings and instructions in your festool products instruction manual.

How To Sharpen Auger Bits Fine Tools

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How To Sharpen An Auger Bit With A File

Sharpening my auger bit.

How to sharpen an auger bit. Reinsert the guide screw into the bore hole and twist it. They work by engaging with the wood with a lead screw which keeps the bit drilling in a straight line. Using a small saw sharpening file or an auger bit file designed specifically for the task the spurs should only be sharpened on their inside edges.

Using the screw of the bit you would like to sharpen. In the above video i share a tutorial on how to choose and sharpen augers and auger bits. How to sharpen an auger bit with a file.

Sharp spurs then trace out a circle in the wood defining the edges of the hole as they drill downwards. Auger bits really do work nicely. Been having great fun making sawdust lately.

Best done video ive seen on sharpening auger bits. Ive just started using auger bits bought a bunch at an estate sale and using a brace that ive had for a long time. Sharpening the guide screw step 1 create reservoir.

Wiping the burr off the outside with a very fine honing stone or sandpaper is ok but you should never file the outside of the spurs. First you sharpen the main cutter. If its blunt then you wont have luck in getting your auger bit started into the wood.

Step 3 grind screw sharp. Two parts of the bit should be kept sharp. Apply some fine grain grinding paste into the screw hole with.

Although festool strives for accuracy in the website material the website may contain inaccuracies. And that will lead to no hole in. How to sharpen auger bits.

The most important consideration when buying vintage auger bits is the lead screw. Normally one uses the wide toothed faces but with very small bits or bits with an unusual shape one uses the narrow edges to do the sharpening. Step 2 apply grinding paste.

The spurs and the cutting edges as seen in the diagram to the left.

How To Sharpen Auger Bits Fine Tools

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