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How To Sharpen A Drawknife

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Windsor chair master curtis buchanan gives a tutorial on this valuable hand tool from the different types of drawknives to sharpening to whether you need a bevel up or bevel down version. So i used an 80 grit diamond stone to scrub in a circular pattern the flat side of the blade.

Sharpening A Drawknife Classical Guitar

Sharpening A Drawknife

Sharpening A Drawknife Classical Guitar

During that period of time i have tried various sharpening methods to eliminate the burr left over from the grinding operation and to prepare the tool for use.

How to sharpen a drawknife. He also demonstrates how to hold the tool and how to use it to make complex shapes smooth surfaces facets scooped surfaces and more. Cardboard and rubber bands wrap it in a towel put tape on the edge or. How i sharpen a drawknife.

Chairmakers are among the fi rst to sing the praises of this. Do something to protect the edge when not in use. Now with that ma.

I like to use a sanding blocks with progressively finer grits. There are other methods of getting the handles out of the way. A drawknife cannot easily be sharpened by holding the blade and moving it along a stone as you would a plane bl ade.

Brian boggs shows an effective and safe way to maintain the edge of this. Starting on the far end of the blade i draw the strop gently but firmly across the whole edge. Honing an edge on a drawknife over the years i have made well over a thousand edge tools such as scorps and drawknives.

Setting up and using the jig. If you visited a crafts school that specialized in traditional woodworking youd almost certainly run across at least one student seated at a shaving horse drawknife in hand coaxing a chair leg out of a length of green hardwood. Use an axe stone or sanding block to sharpen the bevel roughly 25 30 degrees.

Flatten the back sort of sharpening a drawknife is no different from sharpening. I avoid pulling the strop completely off the edge as i dont want to dub the edge over. A brilliantly simple shaping tool thats versatile fast and a pleasure to use.

It can be a bit dangerous however so caution is always advised. Back to sharpening techniques step 1. This is the jig described by curtis.

Instead its easier to keep the drawknife stationary and take the stone to it. For example you can put the stone up on a riser so the handles of the drawknife can clear the bench. Ensure that the top of the drawknife is smooth and fair.

The draw knife is a wonderful tool for chair making.

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How To Sharpen A Drawknife Youtube
How To Sharpen A Drawknife Youtube
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How To Sharpen Drawknife
How To Sharpen Drawknife
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