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How To Set Up A Hand Plane

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Hit on the front to deepen the cut hit on the back to lessen the cut hit harder to release the blade. For smoothing most hardwoods 132 inch is good though you may want to set it at 164 inch for difficult woods prone to tearout.

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For this plane im going to have between a 64th and 32nd from the edgehow close you place that cap iron is largely dependent on the type of work you do.

How to set up a hand plane. How to set up a hand plane writing a blog about how to set up a hand plane would take a whole series because it really depends on what you are trying to do. Our first order of business is to reattach cap iron which we do by simply bringing this up very close to the edge. Building a kit guitar.

Step 4 pop a lever cap on that sucka while appearances and designs vary greatly all planes have some sort of lever cap. The chipbreaker on a bevel down plane should also be set so the distance from the blade edge is slightly more than the width of the shavings you intend to make. Introduction to bench planes.

How to sharpen a hand plane. Sometimes this small amount is only a millimetre and sometimes its. Setting up and tuning a hand plane.

Using shooting boards to plane edges. You might also enjoy. How to tune up or set up a hand plane in 7 easy steps.

Theres not really a whole lot that needs to be done to the lever cap. How to set up a hand plane video transcript. The lever cap provides the tension that holds the iron in place.

15 if one side only move the lateral adjustment lever towards that side where the shaving is but only a small amount. What i use for sharpening affiliate links draper honing guide. Watch more videos from the hand plane video series.

How to assemble and adjust a hand plane. Smoothing a rough board face. Premium videos tool maintenance woodworking hand plane.

In other words a smoother will be different than a jack and so forth but it even goes further than that. Easy and very good way to make sure your plane is running true. You can also go deeper by tapping the top of the blade itself that bit can be remembered easily knowing those basic points dont make you an expert plane setter.

Setting your plane after sharpening. Building a guitar is an excellent test of a skilled woodworkers craftsmanship but if youre like most people you probably want to skip the long woodworking processes of shaping and sanding the body. This swivels the cutting iron assembly on its pivot point and aligns the cutting edge to the sole.

Tap the wedge lightly after any adjusting.

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How To Set Up Hand Plane
How To Set Up Hand Plane
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