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How To Scrape Wood Furniture

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Whereas stripping varnish poly or stain. Strip furniture pieces i happened to do one recently for our guest bedroom so i wanted to show you how to strip painted furniture while i show you the before after of the dresser for the room.

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The finish is cracking peeling and unstable.

How to scrape wood furniture. Be sure to protect yourself with gloves a mask and goggles. This will remove any lumps or bumps in the wood and it may take more then two passes to finish your project. To remove those last bits of finish palm sand with medium sandpaper 150 grit until you see the bare wood.

Then switch to fine sandpaper 200 grit until the entire piece is uniform. Just dont scrape off so much wood that you cut through the workpiece. Apply stripper to all painted surfaces with a chip brush we used an old cooking pot as a reservoir for the stripper.

Sandpaper makes a lot of dust and mess and takes forever. How to strip wood finish or howto remove varnish is a simple matter once you have the right tools. Wait 5 to15 minutes and then use a putty knife to scrape off the paint as it bubbles up.

The best ways to remove paint from wood furniture. When you begin your hand scraping project you should start by going against the grain of the wood. Stripping paint from wood furniture is never easy.

Imagine the difficulty of removing paint from a flat surface like house. Remember this is the way i do it it works very well for me but each furniture piece is different. Wipe down the whole surface with a tack cloth to remove any dust from sanding.

The best way to remove paint from wood furniture is the one that balances your desire for fully stripped furniture with your patience and tolerance for chemicals and scraping.

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How To Scrape Wood
How To Scrape Wood
The great scrape is an all natural
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