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How To Remove Cosmoline From A Rifle

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The stock i bake in the oven at about 175 degrees and periodically wiping down to remove the sweat. Put tinfoil down on the rack to keep the cosmoline from dripping down.

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When i began removing the cosmoline from my new precision matthews pm 1440gt lathe it was a little daunting.

How to remove cosmoline from a rifle. Scrub them down well dry with paper towels and lightly oil with a good gun oil. Makes all of the baked goods smell so good too. After an hour remove from oven and using hot mitts and rags wipe off any residual cosmoline.

This one even had it in the butt stock where the cleaning kit is stored. Goo gone is a cirtus gel product that is marketed for the removal of adhesive residue on consumer projects. The protective layer was thick tough and not easy to remove.

Rinse thoroughly under warm running water. Btw these rifles are a true joy to own and hold in your hands. Applying heat to the gun.

It is important to remove the stock and all removable parts to be sure you get all the cosmoline out of the gun. Does anyone have an idea how to get this stuff out of the wood without removing all or most of the original oil finish. Heres some showing between the stock and barrel assembly.

How to properly remove cosmoline from military surplus firearms 1. Any and all ideas appreciated. The basic steps include a green cleaner boiling water and some scrubbing.

Cosmoline is made to enter every crevice and coat every part of a mechanism. 3 remove the parts from the tank when they are free of cosmoline. Hot water and dish soap.

Once rinsed dry the part with a towel and immediately treat the part with your water displacing solution. Heres some in the grenade launcher sight. Heres some in the grenade launcher sight.

Be sure to remove all traces of the degreaser when rinsing. This will melt almost all the cosmoline out of the parts. Mention cosmoline to old time leathernecks or to most military veterans and you will likely get grimaces of disgust as they remember the chore of removing the sticky goo from their rifles.

A lot of people swear by mineral spirits as a primary solvent. And it all has to be cleaned out. You can do this by wrapping your firearm in towels.

It is important to remove the stock and all removable parts to be sure you get all the cosmoline out of the gun. Allow to cool to room temperature then soak them in mineral spirits to get any cosmoline out the oven didnt. This is a relatively short video showing you how to clean the caked on cosmoline off an old chinese sino soviet sks.

When this rifle was put into storage the wood stock was also heavily soaked with cosmoline and i mean soaked. I paid 4 for a spray bottle. And look at this mess on the bolt face.

And look at this mess on the bolt face. Better yet it is cheap. These two things together will.

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How To Remove Cosmoline
How To Remove Cosmoline
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