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How To Nail Baseboards With Hammer

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Nail on the cap molding. Its now time to use the nail set.

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When using a finish hammer and nail set use the hammer to drive the nail to within 14 inch of the trims surface.

How to nail baseboards with hammer. When the top of the nail head is about 14 to 38 of an inch away from the surface of the finished wood stop hitting it with the hammer. And in the market you will get different types of nail gun according to their durability size weight and ability. If there are gaps behind the molding and no stud to nail into.

For example a framing nail gun is used for framing structure or doing any heavy duty work. Hammer your finishing nail almost all the way into the wall. Secure it at each stud with an 8d nail driven at a slight downward angle through the thicker parts of the molding.

But on the other hand finishing nailer is used for adding details into the. Although the thin nails wont be hefty enough for anchoring door or window jambs theyll work fine for most modern trim. Starting near the center of the boards length nail through the baseboard and into the center of a wall stud using a nail gun or a hammer and finish nail.

Nail it in place. Set the cut baseboard in place so it is flush against the floor and fits tightly into the wall corners. Lay molding against wall flush with the floor.

How to nail baseboard with nail gun. A nail gun will make this much easier. How to install quarter round molding without a nail gun step 1.

If you only buy one gun get an 18 gauge unit that shoots nails ranging between 58 in. Working with nail gun is pretty easy and fast rather than a hammer. With the molding fit into place put a nail add the thickness of the molding plus the drywall and a 12 for the stud to get the nail length through the molding into the stud closest to the end of the piece.

You can use any kind of saw youre comfortable with to cut quarter round. A finish nail gun automatically countersinks the small nail head. Place the nail set squarely on the head of the nail and tap the nail set with a hammer until the nail is slightly below the surface of the trim.

When you need extra strength pull out the old hammer and hand nail. Place the tip of the nail set in the center of the nail head and tap it lightly with the hammer. When using a cap molding place it on the base to see if the back of the molding fits snugly against the wall.

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How To Nail Baseboards
How To Nail Baseboards
Base mouldings cover the gap between the
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