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How To Make A Perfect Hexagon With A Compass

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Make another mark on the edge of. The mathematician euclid described a method of drawing a hexagon that required some mathematical calculation as well as a compass and a straightedge.

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She drew like three or four circles and connected the intersections.

How to make a perfect hexagon with a compass. They have a deceptively simple shape which can prove difficult to draw accurately. In this tutorial you can learn how to draw a hexagon. Thank you for watching more tutorials in this playlist.

Or use the following on any hexagon. Eg 4cm x 4cm now create a hexagon on top of the circle and resize till all edges snaps to the circle. The center of the circle is found using the fact that the radius of a regular hexagon distance from the center to a vertex is equal to the length of each side.

Then she showed us how to make a perfect hexagon the same way but with more circles now she wants us to draw a perfect square for hw. Cut out the hexagon to use as it is or for a template to make as many as you need. What i have to do is place the center of the compass at the arc intersection just above the horizontal line on the right side then adjust the compass in or out by one fifth of the distance im off from the top of the circle.

There are just too many places to make a few thousandths of an inch mistake and they all add up. If you have time here are other ways to draw a circle. In powerpoint first create a perfect circle.

Move the compass point to the edge of the circle. Then lock aspect ratio to resize. Place your compass on the dot and draw a perfect circle.

Put the pen in the second hole and rotate to mark the circle. Push the pin in the mark on the circle you just made and remove it. Found an easier method on creating a perfect hexagon.

Put the pen point in the second hole rotate the strip and mark where it comes to the circle. How to draw a hexagon without a compass. If you dont have a compass you can draw a hexagon using a different method that requires graph paper.

Steps 1 3 are there to draw this circle and from then on the constructions are the same. How to draw a hexagon method 1 drawing a perfect hexagon using a compass draw a circle with a compass. Height 4cm x width 446cm.

Make a small mark on the edge of the circle with the pencil. The first step to draw a perfect pentagon is to mark a dot in the center of your paper. See definition of a hexagon.

Move the compass point to the mark you made. The teacher showed us how to make a perfect equalateral triangle using a compass.

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How To Make A Perfect Hexagon
How To Make A Perfect Hexagon
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