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How To Make A Fan Blade In Solidworks

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Im wondering if i make the fan or fan blades in solidworks is there anyway to model how much airflow will be generated. I had to wiggle my sketch and the draft angle a bit but now it looks realistic.

Cheg 3128 Solidworks Tutorial Propeller Design I Creating The

Cheg 3128 Solidworks Tutorial Propeller Design I Creating The

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Start a new sketch on the front plane and draw an arc similar to this.

How to make a fan blade in solidworks. I added a little draft angle to make it look good. I am trying to figure out the flat pattern of the blade for the following fan. How to create a simple turbine blade on solidworks.

Drawing a propeller and a fan pervane ve fan. I know solidworks allows you to model airflow over an object but can the object generate flow. We are designing a low energy easy to make ceiling fan for use in developing countries to aid in comfort and health conditions.

To make things easier hide the main body of the fan. Solidworkssolidworks is a solid modeling computer aided design cad computer program that runs on microsoft windows. Video tutorial on how to draw fan blade solidworks to learn more about solidworks.

Solidworks is a software or computer program used in computer aided design better known by its acronym cad computer aided design. What we are going to do is use this surface and the solid cylinder as faces to project a blade sketch onto. I drew blades for a cooling fan by selecting the centre plane drawing a closed spline and extruding it to the inside diameter of the fan housing.

Fan blade design in solidworks tutorial duration. I used a polar array to create the complete set of blades. Solidworks allows engineers and designers to create custom designs with precise specifications and dimensions.

You can go back and edit the sketches after to try and tweak it if you are just eyeballing dimensions but this is the best way to make something amorphous like a fan blade. Solidworks 3d design eng tips. Attached is a tutorial that involves the lofted base tool pages 14 27 specifically.

Solidworks tutorial how to make propeller duration. I have been successful in creating the solid model but i cannot figure out how t flat pattern of fan blade dassault.

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Cheg 3128 Solidworks Tutorial Propeller Design I Creating The

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How To Make A Fan Blade
How To Make A Fan Blade
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