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How To Fold Sandpaper

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One last fold and there you go. Here is one way to properly fold sandpaper.

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How to fold sandpaper watch how to fold a standard sheet of gator finishing sandpaper to prevent slipping while sanding.

How to fold sandpaper. Editor in the bowl woodturning quiz from ezine issue 361 a question asks what the best way to sand with abrasive sandpaper is. To make the most efficient use of sandpaper fold a standard 8 12 by 11 sheet in half in both directions with the abrasive side facing out. Folding a sheet of sandpaper in half will help you grip it better but the fold can quickly twist out of whack.

I dont believe keeping the sanded sides of the paper from grinding. If youre applying a second coat of paint use a fine grit to sand the first coat. You can also buy a sanding block at your local hardware store if you dont want to make your own.

A quiz on sanding secrets for bowl turners in issue 361 recommended folding abrasive sandpaper in thirds. This woodworker has a method for folding it into fourths. The grit within the fold will help it keep its shape and you will have four fresh surfaces to work with.

Folding sandpaper mere mini. For more information about gator finishing products please visit our. Cut a sandpaper sheet in half lengthwise.

And he sent a diagram to illustrate it. Roe osborn from harwich massachusetts writes. When one face wears out just re fold it exposing a fresh face.

This is a quick video on how to fold and rip your sandpapers without using scissors. After its folded you can either use it as is or wrapped in a block of wood. How to cut and fold sandpaper or how to cut wet or dry sandpaper.

Instead try interlocking two folded pieces together. Basics for the shop how to 0. Then cut and fold as shown below.

Sand the wooden item with the wood grain. Its probably a reasonable guess that most of us dont give a lot of thought to how we fold sandpaper. A sanding block can be anything a piece of cut out foam a wooden block or a block of cork.

Take one long piece and fold it in half horizontally. I picked up this technique many years ago and it does seem to make a sheet of sandpaper last longer. Unfold it and fold each end in so that they meet at the middle fold.

Scissors or other cutting tools can put a curved hardened edge to sandpapers and that can cause scratches when sanding. Fold your sandpaper around your sanding block with the abrasive side facing outward and staple or glue it into place. First divide in to 4 quarters.

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How To Fold Sandpaper To Prevent Slipping
How To Fold Sandpaper To Prevent Slipping
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