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How To Cut Laminate Countertop Sheets

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Place a strip of masking tape where the cut is to be made to prevent chipping and make the line easier to see. Gluing and cutting plastic laminate or formica.

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Then grip the wasted area of formica and lift it up slightly.

How to cut laminate countertop sheets. How to cut formica method 1 using a circular saw to cut formica purchase the size of formica sheet that fits best for your project. How to laminate a countertop beginners tutorial. Skip navigation sign in.

How do you cut laminate sheets. Cutting 96×34 or any size sheets of pfl with a straight edge and a trim router. The best way to cut laminate sheets using a table saw.

Use the utility knife first as it will provide a good clean cut. Sketch out your laminate sheet on paper and draw in the pieces you intend to cut from a single sheet. Installers often cut full sheets into manageable pieces with a table saw.

The formica should break off and leave a good cut. Handheld power saws cut on the upstroke. Trimming the edges of laminate after it has been glued down calls for.

You can also cut plastic laminate with a circular saw jig saw or table saw with a fine tooth blade. Using a handheld power saw. Regardless of the tool used it should have a thin blade to reduce the chance of splits or chips.

Use a circular saw or laminate shears to cut the formica into large pieces. Diy how to cut and glue laminate or formica 3 dusty guy. Use the tool of choice to cut the laminate.

Measure all of the panels you will be applying laminate to. This works fine for straight cuts that are relatively short. Cut at a low angle and use a straight edge or steel square to help guide the knife.

One standard way to cut a laminate sheet is to score it with a utility knife or a linoleum knife and snap it off somewhat like cutting glass. Use a belt sander with a grit of 100 to smooth. Draw all pieces at least inch larger in all directions than is actually needed.

Use your straight edge and utility knife to cut along the line as accurately as possible. The best way to cut the laminate is to lay it face side down and cut from the back to. Keep in mind that a circular saw can chip the laminate which can result in jagged edges.

When using a power circ saw or jigsaw cut from the back side of the laminate. Step 4 cut the sheet. Place masking tape on the cutting line.

Laminate countertops are essentially just layers of tightly pressed papers glued together by a sticky and organic substance called resin.

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