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How To Cut Formica Countertop For Sink

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In this video we show us bringing home the new kitchen sink counter top and cupboards. If you choose this method make this cut first.

Install Laminate Countertops

How To Cut A Counter Top For A New Kitchen Sink Youtube

Install Laminate Countertops

A sawhorse is used as a platform or base for cutting countertops out of formica.

How to cut formica countertop for sink. The procedure of cutting formica countertops is as explained below. Measure in 34 of an inch from the line you drew and draw a second line right on top. If the backsplash interferes with the saw shoe and prevents making the cut turn the countertop over to complete the cut from the underside.

Measure from one end to the center of the sink hole. Place the circular saw blade above one of the long lines about 2 inches from a corner. Youll get tips on layout cutting without chipping and how to make a cut thats too close to the backsplash for a jigsaw to make.

Sinks have a groove on the base of the sink that is about 316 of an inch so this is why the cut mark will differ slightly. How to cut out a sink hole in laminate countertops locate the exact center of the sink area beneath the countertop. In this video senior editor and old school carpenter andy engel takes on cutting a sink opening in a laminate countertop.

Use the measurements that are recommended by the sink manufacturer. You can also choose from countertop sinks bowl sinks vessel basins and pedestal sinks. Measure out to the left and right of that mark and make marks to draw the sink hole.

Turn the formica countertop over. And whether can wash mop sink is mop sinks or shampoo sinks. Lay the sink cutting template on the counter where you wish to install the sink.

Place the paper template over the sink area so that the center of the template lines up. How to cut formica to install a kitchen sink 1. Place masking tape on the counter just inside the line you drew.

Step 2 start the cut using your drill with an appropriate drill bit start a cut on the countertop. To cut the sheet in line with the edges of the underlying surface a router should be used. Place the blade of the jigsaw in the starter hole and line up the blade exactly on the cutting line.

Place a strip of masking tape over the. This cut needs to be large enough that the circular saw will fit in to the hole you created. A flat file is used in removing sharp edges.

Countertop how to cut a laminate formica countertop diy house tips by sean a. Cut slowly along the line. Trace the outline of the template with the marker.

We draw out our plans for our cuts makes the cuts and mock it into place to see what it looks like.

How To Cut A Sink Opening In A Countertop Youtube

Cutting Formica Countertop Cutting Cutting Photo Design How To Cut

Install Laminate Countertops

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How To Cut Formica Countertop
How To Cut Formica Countertop
Most of the cutting is done with
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