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How To Cut Diamond Plate

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To be better able to cut a straight line and not accidentally pull a carbide off. I do have a chop saw and an angle grinder.

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Id clamp a guide on the dm.

How to cut diamond plate. Using a circular saw to cut 14 sheet. I dont have a cutting torch or anything. For the cuts that i did make i used a jig saw with a fine metal blade and a straight edge guide.

If your cutting it diamond down you risk having a pretty gnarly dross on the frontside when you flip it over if your new to cutting diamond plate and not sure about speed settings. Id clamp the plate to a solid work bench to keep both hands on the saw in case of kickback. The aluminum stuff is easy to work with.

Didnt have much to cut as it worked out to almost full sheets everywhere. Step 1 prepare aluminum on the sawhorse. Should be able to clean the edge up with a flap disk after cutting.

I just did a job refurbing the inside of a walk in cooler with diamond plate. Anyways i have some sheets of aluminum diamond plate slightly used that i need to cut that are about 14 thick. I am wanting to cut some diamond plate into some triangles to make some teeth for the grille on my bus.

Some of my cuts will be just to trim some off of the sides the whole way down the 4×8 sheet but other cuts will be angled so the piece looks like a rather large triangle shape. Id probably also clamp a 2×4 in place as a straightedge to run the saw against for a nice straight cut. Cutting a sheet of diamond plate using carbide shouldnt be a problem because the metal that is being cut is cool as opposed to a piece of stock that will continue to get hotter and hotter transferring the heat to the blade.

Once you have collected all the items. I can tell you when i cut it it is always from the top and i pierce at 2 and let tip volts control the height. Cutting an aluminum diamond plate aluminum diamond plate.

I was planning on just getting a piece of chrome diamond plate and cutting a strip out if it with my angle grinder and a cutting wheel. The two sides of the aluminum diamond plate are very. In this how to video you will learn how to cut aluminum diamond plate sheets using a manual hand shear and an electric hand shear.

Due to its anti slip and cosmetically appealing texture. If you have a reasonable hand jigsaw just get the proper saw blades for metal cutting and you can go to town with the stuff. This will end up being used for a roof for our rat rod build.

Whats the best way to do this without discoloring the metal. Step 2 cut on the smooth side. This cosmetic grade aluminum diamond plate is easy to cut and.

I ask because we even have lots of steel diamond plate in texas for lots of uses.

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How To Cut Diamond Plate Aluminum
How To Cut Diamond Plate Aluminum
Id probably also clamp a 2×4 in
How To Cut Diamond Plate Sheet Metal
How To Cut Diamond Plate Sheet Metal
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How To Cut Diamond Plate Sheets
How To Cut Diamond Plate Sheets
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How To Cut Diamond Plate Steel
How To Cut Diamond Plate Steel
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