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How To Cut A Rabbet Joint With A Table Saw

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There are two main varieties of rabbets. If you dont own a good dado set or have a low powered saw this option may prove better than no.

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How to cut a rabbet joint with a table saw. Edge rabbets used for cabinet backs and to recess glass panels and end rabbets to join cabinet sides. The width of the rabbet on one mating piece is 34 and on the other 38. In the other piece a rabbet is cut to one half the depth of the thickness of the material and one half the width.

The two cuts meet precisely at the inside corner of the rabbet. This makes a nice uniform mitered rabbet joint with plenty of support at the rabbet and also where the mitered ends meet. The rabbets can be cut with table saw or router whichever is prefered.

This method will prevent damaging saws fence and everything that goes with it. Raise the table saw blade to make the shoulder cut in one pass pushing it across the rip fence and miter gauge scrap fence. Cutting a rabbet with a table saw.

Traditionally you will have to sacrifice a strip of wood so that you can secure a fence and move it against the set. Then stand the piece on edge to cut the rabbet to width. First cut the rabbet to its correct depth with the workpiece facedown on the tabletop.

Using your table saw to cut the four basic rabbet casework joints. You can cut the rabbet in two passes with a standard blade as shown here or tackle it in a single swipe with a dado head. Another method for cutting rabbets on a table saw is to use a standard blade and make two passes with the stock.

The ends are then mitered to complete the joint. The stock is flat against the table for one cut and is held vertically against the fence for the other cut. Family handyman what are rabbets and how can you use a dado blade on a table saw to create them.

The similarly as with dado joints the most common way to cut through rabbet ones are by using a table saw. On 34 material like im using here the depth is 38.

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How To Cut A Rabbet Joint
How To Cut A Rabbet Joint
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