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How To Cut A Dado By Hand

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In the second phase of this four part series on creating dadoes with hand tools george vondriska teaches you how to actually make the cut with a handsaw. Using a stabbing motion with the bevel up pare out the waste in the joint.

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Use a marking gauge to determine the distance of your dado joint from the edge of the board.

How to cut a dado by hand. See the article pho. The leg part of the joint is 3 dados. When thinking about how to cut the maloof joint by hand you need to step back and examine it for what it really is.

See the full blog post here. A dedicated dado plane works well for through dados but using it for stopped dados is more work than the saw router plane chisel approach. Scribe the shelf piece onto the other board with a marking knife.

Using the same perpendicular strategy work your way across the entire waste portion of the dado. In this simple woodworking process george uses a freshly sharpened bench chisel to scribe the guidelines like you would with a marking knife. The cut a notch in the seat we saw out the.

In the dado video i show these basic steps. Pare out the waste. But a stair saw is a great tool for making dadoes that are wide enough like for shelves.

Joshua farnsworth shows how to cut dado joints with hand tools like a backsaw chisel and router plane. A fairly shallow knife cut will work as well and is lots easier to make. In all honesty it is simple and can often be cut by hand faster than any dado stack can be put into a table saw.

I have a stair saw and use it for dadoes pretty often. The dado is a simple joint that is often over thought and made to be complicated. Suddenly this iconic joint becomes a lot easier.

The stop gets finished with a chisel. Cutting a dado slot is most frequently done by table saw if you believed the internet. It took longer than i wanted to find a method using no power tools.

Using a cross cut saw cut down the shoulder lines being careful not to go too deep. Making joinery by hand is a satisfying process so i thought id share a method for hand made dado joints. This ensures a tight fit.

In the early days of my apprenticeship we would practice joints on short ends of pine getting used to the tools and working through the steps required to make a joint by hand but without the pressure of thinking about an actual project. When i set out to the dado for the train rack project i sat down with the internet and browsed a few books. Its a notch that has rabbets cut on opposite faces.

Hold the shelf piece against the other board and hold the workpiece down with 1 or 2 holdfasts. Cutting the dado joint. Work your way across the waste.

Using hand tools to cut a dado. If i only have a few to do i use a saw with no set to cut the walls a stair saw works nicely and is designed for the job followed by a router plane. To get it started on the right line i cut a little v groove with a knife for the saw to ride in while it starts to cut.

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