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How To Cut A 4×4 With A Table Saw

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It needs to be something that can cut 4 thick wood length wise. I likely dont have access to a table saw so im hoping there is a solution involving a circular saw or something similar.

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Measuring and saw setup.

How to cut a 4×4 with a table saw. However the highest the blade could move up was 3 inches. The way i did it was to use my fathers shop smith table saw. In addition to the tool of choice the larger problem is holding the saw at the correct angle for the duration of the cut.

Whether or not a 10 inch miter saw can cut through a 4×4 is a popular debate that even today seems to have no clear answer. If you are cutting completely through the wood you want the blade to stick up above it a bit ideally so that the entire saw tooth is above the wood. The second factor that affects how deep a table saw can cut is the powertrain that drives the blade.

Hey i was wondering if anyone had any best practices for cutting 4×4 lumber nice and evenly. Measuring is one of the most important parts to getting your joints just right. Also when cutting at an angle some of the widths of the blade is lost.

Is that something that youd just have blue or orange do for you or what. 1 turn off the power to the saw and unplug it from the outlet. I used the table saw to cut my half laps but there are several ways you can accomplish half laps if you dont have a table saw.

The typical 10 inch miter saw can cut a width of 55 inches. This is the deepest groove you can cut with that blade. That is enough for 26 inch wood pieces.

We currently dont have any kind of saw that can handle that kind of width and depth for a cut. That is why a wood measuring between 24 inches and 28 inches is what it can typically handle. All you need to cut slots in wood is a dado blade and a table saw equipped with the proper throat plate.

You can use a router a circular saw or even your miter saw to accomplish great joints. Recently for a table project i needed to trim 4×4 cedar posts down to 3×3 to make them a little less chunky. Working with 4x4s is something that almost any diy woodworker is faced with at one point or another.

Which resulted in me having to make two cuts that the blade was tota. Thanks in advance for any help and replies.

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How To Cut A 4×4
How To Cut A 4×4
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