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How To Clean Brass Fittings On A Boat

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How do i clean the brass to restore it to its original color. Down to brass tacks.

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Add enough flour to make a paste.

How to clean brass fittings on a boat. Or you can also just wash down the boat fitting that you want to polish offcourse. Brass alloys come in a wide variety. How to clean stainless steel.

Rinse with clean warm water and polish dry. Due to their potential for galvanic corrosion bronze and brass plumbing fittings should not be mixed. I have two old brass or bronze ship portholes that went through a fire.

There is melted plastic and ground in grime all over them. Once alloyed with zinc however its tensile strength increases significantly making it rigid enough for hardware and plumbing applications with some critical exclusions. While brass bronze and similar alloys may look the same thats not a defense youll want to rely on if you have to explain a catastrophic failure.

Apply paste to bronze and let sit for 15 minutes to 1 hour. Between the harbor freight tumbler stainless steel media and a little. The windows are cracked.

While corrosion resistant copper is soft and not well suited for structural applications. You basically wash down with water and a towel. Once everything is dry you get the polishing goodies out.

In some traditional boatyards brass and bronze are washed down with salt water to even out the oxidation. Apply this polish to the metal with a soft cloth. You can generally tell the alloys apart by examining the fittings.

This will produce an ultra bright shine on brass copper or bronze that has first been cleaned the the first polish. Brass and bronze have a slightly different color and sheen. Collinite metal wax over the cleaned metal extends longevity.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in 1 cup white vinegar. For an ultra shine add enough naptha or coleman stove fuel to diatomaceous earth powder to create a slurry or liquid. Because of the chemical substances i always wear latex or nitrile gloves.

The surface oxidation acts as a protective layer for the bulk of the fitting. For many years a full service yard manager steve now works with boat builders and owners and others in the industry as steve dantonio marine consulting inc. How to clean old brass or bronze portholes.

They are about 25 inches around with one inch glass windows. Compared to the darker color of bronze brass has a lighter finish with a bright sheen much like gold. So been doing a lot of research into cleaning brass and so far ive found this to be the cheapest and best way to clean brass.

Very simple you need a good quality polishing product and some clean rags. Hi i have lots of brass to clean on my boat it was like yours dull and pitted when i bought the boat the only way i think is hard work brasso and lots of elbow greaseit will soon come up and when it does its just a matter of keeping on top of it brasso is quite abrasive you can use it on perspex to get rid of small sctatches.

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How To Clean Brass Fittings
How To Clean Brass Fittings
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