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How To Change Post Office Box Combination

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Now turn in the opposite direction till the third wheel notch alligns with the other three stop. So pop the hinges remove the door remove the back cover of the lock and look at the 2 toothed wheels while turning the dials untill the notches line up with the latch dogs.

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How to open post office letter combination boxes.

How to change post office box combination. 2 turn left and stop the second time around at. I would like to change the combination to be their initials two dial combinations eagle with us shield. 3 turn right and stop at.

A little different animal from the video. As soon as the arrow on the dial lines up with the third number in your combination stop. To find the number look at the back of the lockas you turn to the right youll see a notch appear in the wheelstop.

You dial the first letter on the large dial then the second letter with the smaller pointer. Turn the dial to the right. Now turn in the opposite direction till the second wheel notch lines up with the firststop.

Thanks justjoe but no the door i have has a single dial with a three letter combination. So if the combo is hd dial the outer dial to h and the inner pointer to d and see if the box opens. Lock box combination 1 turn dial indicator right three times and stop at.

This scarce door has an unusual combination lock. The gears are stacked 3 high. Then look at the front to see what exactly the combo is.

Unlocking grecian po box door i just purchased several grecian style combination lock post office doors and am wondering if there is a tutorial anywhere for decrypting the combinations for these locks or resetting them to a new combination so the doors can be made functional. Old post office combination locks. Turn the dial to the left two times.

You can also change the combo at this point if you desire. 4 turn latch key left to open. How do i change combination of old post office box lock.

On the second pass stop when the second number in your combination is even with the small arrow on the dial. Will provide a sense of the level of difficulty of all other variations. Post office box bank.

Post office box bank question change combination. Post office box bank question change combinati i could write it out but re. There are several different brands of locks with several different versions for each brand.

How to reset the combination for one version of antique brass po box doors. Unlocking grecian po box door. Bill tindall i obtained some doors and intend to build some banks for grand kids.

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