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How To Attach Router To Router Table

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My router set is a hitachi one with the fixed and plunge attachments. Rotate the base of the router until the mounting holes in the base line up with a corresponding set of holes on the table.

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Using a router table is easier and faster than using a router alone.

How to attach router to router table. Router tables are great for cutting your own moldings. Attach router to table. Attach your router to the permanent router attachment plate on the top of your router table.

Use feather boards and a push stick to protect your fingers photo 1. To do this use double sided tape to position one of the guide strips so its parallel with one edge of where youd like the plate located. You dont have to clamp the board.

In fact several companies including porter cable and bosch sell kits with one router and two bases a fixed base to mount permanently in the table and a plunge base for handheld work. When the router runs around the inside of the jig it removes stock that will be under the edge of this plate. Measure the dimensions of the router plate and cut the wood accordingly.

There are also many pre drilled mounting table plates to attach the router which makes the whole job downright simple. And narrow boards that are hard to shape with a router are a cinch on a router table. It might take a few tries to get the right holes.

Measure the depth of the route and the table. Insert your router so the bit pokes up through the hole in the table and align the holes in your routers base plate with the pre drilled holes in the table top. Then use the insert plate to locate the other strips as shown in step 1.

6 step router plate installation locate guide strips. Set it up so you can cut the rabbet and fit the routing plate into the table so they are perfectly aligned. After making the guide strips youre ready to locate the opening.

Use your table saws fence to make a straight rabbet. I keep the plunge out and the fixed is attached to a router table insert plate. If there is an insert in the hole remove it.

There will be a series of pre drilled holes in the attachment plate. Clive i recently built my router table and had a lot of the same questions. When making your jig take your base plate that you want to install in your router table and add that dimension you took earlier on all sides.

Hold the router upside down under the table and position it under the insert hole. From what i can tell this is where my poor eyesight hangs me up the bolt circle pattern built into the router table listed at 5 38 is different from and cannot be altered in any way to match the two threaded holes in my ryobi basesub base there are only two and they measure 4 58.

Sawstop In Line Router Table Attachment For Table Saws

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