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How To Apply Tung Oil To Table

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Repair any holes or cracks in the surface by filling with a wood filler. Before you start make sure theres no grease oil dirt dust or other contaminants on the surface.

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There are a lot of tung oil products on the market but not all of them are actually tung oil.

How to apply tung oil to table. Tung oil is a type of natural drying oil commonly used as a finish in woodworking projects. Staining the wood provides an even looking appearance in the color and prevents the appearance of a blotchy look on the wood after the oil is applied. Some are true tung oil some are a wiping varnishoil mixture and some are just rubbing oil.

After sanding and cleaning the wood. The proper application of tung oil depends on you starting with a clean and properly prepared surface. To keep the sheen low use satin or eggshell.

Just follow the same steps as the original application. When applied to a raw surface the oil hardens to protect and add luster to the wood. How to apply tung oil.

Thin the tung oil by mixing it in equal parts with mineral spirits or turpentine. Easy to follow steps for applying tung oil to your projects. If the solvents in the tung oil you use are strong enough to redissolve the stain you will have a problem.

Any oil base wood stain can be applied. If you want a faster build use a regular varnish and brush or spray it on. Tung oil finish is varnish highly thinned varnish so your coats are very thin and youll need very many.

How to use tung oil step 1. Rub the damaged area with the tung oil let stand then wipe off any excess. Maintaining tung oil finishes.

New wood needs to sanded smooth prior to application. Before applying tung oil most people choose to add stain to the surface of the wood. My finished project after applying 4 coats of oil and painting the sides.

Dry the wood between. Youll get there eventually if you keep applying the tung oil finish. There are still many varnish formulations that use tung oil.

A can be applied pure or thinned up to 50 with mineral spirits or turpentine. Prepare the wood surface by sanding with a medium grit sand paper. How to use a tung oil finish preparing the wood.

But again to get the maximum protection apply 3 coats of full strength tung oil to the damaged area. Woodworking expert lee grindinger.

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