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How To Apply Lacquer To Concrete

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Concrete sealers come in a few different varieties each requiring a different method of application. Check the instructions on the sealer container.

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These solvents can also be used to remove stubborn or sticky compounds such as paint glue ink lacquer resin wax oil grease and correction fluid.

How to apply lacquer to concrete. Apply in temperatures between 55o and 80o. How to stylishly lacquer a concrete floor remove any protruding lumps such as glue paint or caulking with 80 grit sandpaper attached. For all varieties you will first want to begin by cleaning the slab of concrete youre going to be applying the sealer to.

If the concrete is newly poured you will want to wait at least thirty days or more depending on the project in order. It is always recommended to test the sealer of choice in a small area first. Enriching the color intensity of the concrete whether the color is integral a stain or dye or obtained from a dry shake hardener and antiquing release.

Rust oleum wet look concrete masonry lacquer seals and protects concrete and masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of water chemicals and uv light. You can see the wood brighten up and come alive as the clear lacquer finish is being applied. For best results the sand should be dry to its full depth before sealing.

While it is safe to apply paint thinners to hard materials such as concrete and cement always test the solvent in an inconspicuous area first as they have been known to damage some surfaces. Apply 2 4 thin even coats depending on porosity of surface of wet look green lacquer with a natural bristle brush lambs wool applicator or low pressure sprayer must be solvent resistant. The concrete often requires a second coat.

Again observe the curing process according to directions. The finish is being applied here with an airless paint sprayer. Adding sheen to the surface ranging from satin to high gloss.

The benefits depending on the product used include. About wet look concrete masonry lacquer. Marksr forum topic moderator.

Sweep or vacuum the concrete floor to remove any loosened dirt or debris. Youd need to use a solvent to clean the pump when you are done. A pump up garden sprayer should work fine.

Allow 1 3 hours between coats or until surface is dry to touch. Allow any moisture in or on the surface of the pavers to dry at least 24 hours. Normally that would be mineral spirits but i see on the tech sheet where they say to use lacquer thinner.

Apply an even coat and allow it to dry or cure thoroughly. Apply a coat of stainblocker to the floor with a roller or large brush. Allow 48 hours or more if temperatures are cool or a pressure washer has been used.

Highlights from the thread. This will take anywhere from one to seven days. The solvent base formula forms an ultra durable protective barrier to keep water out protect against stains and extend the life of your concrete.

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How To Apply Lacquer
How To Apply Lacquer
Use sandpaper to prepare the wood by
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