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How To Adjust A Wood Plane

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For smoothing most hardwoods 132 inch is good though you may want to set it at 164 inch for difficult woods prone to tearout. Find out how they work and how to tune one up.

How To Set A Wooden Plane The English Woodworker

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How To Set A Wooden Plane The English Woodworker

In this video you will be taught to use a bench plane in woodworking.

How to adjust a wood plane. Setting up and tuning a hand plane. In this video ill shows how to set the blade and wedge so that the plane produces the thinnest of shavings. Adjust the blade side to side until its cutting edge is parallel to the sole.

When you adjust a plane by striking its body or wedge use a wooden faced striking tool such as a mallet or plane setting hammer to knock the wooden body. Set the plane so that the cutter just barely peeks out from the sole then run the plane along a length of scrap stock. Then gradually raise the blade as you eyeball across the sole until the blade barely comes into sight.

Sharpen the blade of the plane. Now that your bench plane is. When it comes to planing wood the angle.

Hand planes come in several different varieties. A few light well placed taps with a hammer guarantee that a handmade plane will perform like a thoroughbred. Adjust the angle of the blade.

You can also go deeper by tapping the top of the blade itself that bit can be remembered easily knowing those basic points dont make you an expert plane setter. Plane the surface of the wood. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how to from fine woodworking plus special offers.

The chipbreaker on a bevel down plane should also be set so the distance from the blade edge is slightly more than the width of the shavings you intend to make. How to plane wood choose the appropriate hand plane for your job. Tap the wedge lightly after any adjusting.

A metal hammer will dent and eventually split the body or the wedge. Hit on the front to deepen the cut hit on the back to lessen the cut hit harder to release the blade. When you adjust the iron use a metal faced striking tool such as a hammer or a plane setting hammer to tap the iron.

The lever cap provides the tension that holds the iron in place. Adjust the blade by backing off the height adjusting screw until the blade drops completely below the sole of the plane. Ill also deconstruct a plane to show how to adjust the wedge the throat and other parts to keep the plane performing well.

This is an introductory program meant to help anyone wishing to grasp the basics of woodworking. When you turn this knob the cutter protrudes farther from or withdraws within the planes mouth. Theres not really a whole lot that needs to be done to the lever cap.

In this latest episode of fine woodworking magazines video series getting started in woodworking we go in depth on the subject of hand planes. Next experiment with the knob or nut at the rear of the frog that drives the adjustment screw. Begin smoothing and flattening.

Step 4 pop a lever cap on that sucka while appearances and designs vary greatly all planes have some sort of lever cap.

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How To Adjust A Wood Planer
How To Adjust A Wood Planer
The four steps to planer adjustment success.
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